Society of the Month – July

Golf Society of Great Britain

Year Founded

1955 – website

society golfing

Geographic Area you play most

England – events for 2023 are in Harlech, Derbyshire, Hampshire, Northumberland and East Sussex – 2023 Events Schedule

GSGB has around 500 members from over 120 different golf clubs throughout the UK. It also has the support of some 40 ‘Participating Clubs’ with more than half of them in the top 100 courses in England.

Smiles all around at windy Silloth

Annual Tour

The Society runs 2 overseas tours every year to specially chosen locations.

In Spring recent tours have gone to South Africa, Chile, Tunisia, Argentina, Morocco, Mauritius, Kenya, Thailand and Arizona.

In the Autumn members have enjoyed playing golf in Greece, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Bulgaria and Ireland. The 2023 Tours are to Turkey and Portugal.

Each year the Society runs 5 two-day meetings in the summer months around the UK, each usually at a Participating Club together with another good course within easy reach. This also gives members the opportunity to extend their visit to enjoy further sights in the area.

Tour in South Africa

Getting ready to play at Seignosse




All competitions are non-qualifying stablefords, although members can register scores for handicapping purposes. The Tours are designed more as fun and team events.


How Many golfers

GSGB has around 500 members from over 120 different golf clubs throughout the UK

Why did it start

The society was founded with the aim of generating a spirit of goodwill and international friendship through a common sporting link, namely ‘the love of golf’.

How do you select which courses to play

GSGB has visited more than 100 courses in recent years and aims to find different types of courses, eg not just parkland, for members to enjoy in the 2-day events, spread throughout the country,

For example 2023 events are in Harlech, Derbyshire, Hampshire, Northumberland and East Sussex.

3 reasons to join the Society

  1. The Society provides opportunities to play golf in special placesĀ at an affordable price
  2. The Society’s Meetings and Tours are popular social events engendering many long-lasting friendships. If a meeting is undersubscribed then members can invite their friends to join in and sample the camaraderie of like-minded golfers from a range of backgrounds, ages and handicaps in a relaxed atmosphere.
  3. The Society is open to both men & women and participating courses welcome GSGB members to play at reduced green fees.

The 19th hole

Relaxing after a game


The Society has a long history of sponsoring junior golf in the UK. A donation is made to the Junior Sections of Participating Clubs we visit for an event and numerous tournaments for golfers under the age of 14 have been sponsored for many years.

The Laddie Lucas Spoon held at Prince’s continues to be an important event in the junior calendar




Final Thoughts

With a newly designed website, golfers can now apply online for membership.

The society is run by a small committee elected from the membership, with a highly experienced professional secretary to handle the day-to-day running of the golf meetings.

Simply, the members of the GSGB Society enjoy their golf and meeting other people at a variety of courses.


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