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Winston Churchill once christened Uganda the Pearl of Africa. The golf world could well describe the nation’s native son, Isaiah Mwesige, the same way.  

Isaiah’s story is a remarkable one. The founder of the AFRIYEA Golf Academy in his hometown of Fort Portal began his golf journey searching for lost golf balls in the bushes of the town’s course. 

That eventually led to a job as a caddie, hauling bags for the well to do to earn money for school and other welfare needs. 

But something about the game grabbed Isaiah. He eventually rose to become part of the Executive Golf Committee but rather than bask in the satisfaction of his achievements, the 29-year-old began working on ways to share with others his belief in the power of the game beyond mere recreation. 

He made it his mission to use golf as a vehicle to change the lives of children not just in a sporting sense but more broadly across environmental and climate issues as well. 

Isaiah’s meticulous and generous work has been noticed by the R & A where he was among the delegates at an International Golf Conference in April 2023. 

His time at that gathering further inspired him and in the 7 months since he has continued to spread his love of golf from school to school and community to community, providing opportunities for hundreds of children from underprivileged communities to play golf, gain life skills, and learn to protect the environment through waste management and tree planting. 

golf society

In a game that takes so much for granted in the Western world, Isaiah’s story is a timely reminder of just what a privilege it is to have access to golf. 

golf society

Isaiah will be speaking at the Golf Club Managers Association’s National Conference in Leicester from 12-14 November and hopes his story can help inspire those in attendance to redouble their efforts to share the benefits of the game with all. 

What Isaiah has achieved – and continues to achieve – at the AFRIYEA Golf Academy is extraordinary and all involved in the game have something to learn from what he has built with resources best described as ‘limited’. 

I am thoroughly delighted to be a part of the GCMA conference 2023, wherein leaders of the golf industry convene to enrich club management, foster networking, and facilitate knowledge exchange. It is indeed a privilege to participate and have the opportunity to deliver a thought-provoking presentation on the topic of ‘Improving Lives through Golf,’ alongside the Leighton Walker. This profound theme shall delve deep into the extraordinary impact of golf transcending the boundaries of the course, offering boundless prospects for individuals across the globe. From the initial foray into the sport to nurturing professional aspirations, cultivating vital life skills, and harnessing the potential of golf to tackle pressing environmental challenges, the incontrovertible power of golf becomes evident. I will be profoundly grateful for the opportunity to share my personal journey and exemplify the remarkable values intrinsic to the noble sport of golf.” – Isaiah Mwesige. 

golf society

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