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Golf tips: How to play plugged bunker shots

Get out of plugged lies
Author: Daniel Webster
on 26 June 2013
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No need to fear anything

Most amateurs would worry about this shot, but follow my advice and escaping will be second nature. QUICK TIP: You don’tneed your most lofted club - something with a sharp leading edge and very little bounce will help you get under the ball.

Set up properly

You want the ball just right of centre, with more weight on your left leg. This promotes a steeper attack angle.

Pick it up steeply

Take the club away with early wrist break, and point the butt of the club to the floor.

Smash the sand

Hit down into the sand about two inches before the ball. Be aggressive and try to follow through. You won’t lift it softly out of the sand, but you will make sure the ball escapes... and that your next shot is a putt.
Daniel Webster is head professional at St Annes Old Lnks in Lytham. He is one of over 1,000 Foremost professionals from all over the UK.



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