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Strike it right

Start your putts on the right line
Author: Matthew Johns
on 19 March 2012
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On the right line

Imparting sidespin on your putts can have a detrimental effect on where the ball will go, but how can you see this sidespin if you don’t have state of the art computer analysis available to you? Let me show you.

Black and white

Colour or spray paint a golf ball so one half is black and the other white. When you next practise, find a straight eight-footer and position the ball with the join between black and white aimed at the hole. As you begin to hit putts, any sidespin imparted will become evident and you can then start to check your putter face alignment and stroke path to ensure the ball rolls end over end along your intended line.
Matthew Johns runs the London Putting Academy at Royal Blackheath GC.



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