Ever wondered how players qualify for the US Open? NCG has put together a guide detailing every way a golfer can find their way into the field

The third major of the season is almost upon us and unsurprisingly this got us thinking: How do you qualify for the US Open?

Not to worry, we have you covered with all the information you need to be clued up on the matter.

There are two main ways that a player can grab a spot in one of the biggest events of the year. First, there is receiving an exemption and then there is going through the qualifiers.

Firstly, let’s deal with the exemptions. Now, these are not just handed out willy-nilly, you have to work for them, and here’s how to secure one.

How do you qualify for the US Open? Exemptions

1. Win the US Open

The previous 10 US Open winners will receive an invite.

2. Win a specific US-based amateur event

The winners of the previous season’s US Amateur, US Junior Amateur and US Mid-Amateur will all qualify along with the runner-up of the US Amateur.

3. Win the Amateur Championship

The winner of the previous Amateur Championship which is run by the R&A will tee it up at the next US Open.

4. Win the Mark H. McCormack Medal

The winner of the previous year’s Mark H. McCormack will receive an exemption for the event.

5. Win the Masters

The previous five Masters champions will be entered.

6. Win the Open

The last five year’s Open winners will be granted an exemption by the USGA.

7. Win the PGA Championship

For this year’s tournament, the winners of the PGA Championship from 2014-19 will be exempt.

8. Win the Players Championship

The winners of the last three Players Championships will play in the US Open.

9. Win multiple full-point PGA Tour Events since the previous US Open

All players who have won twice or more in full-point PGA Tour events since the last US Open will receive an exemption.

10. Win the US Senior’s Open

The winner of the previous season’s US Senior’s Open will be entered into the field.

11. Finish in the top 10 at the previous year’s US Open

The ten lowest scorers, including any ties will return to the next US Open.

12. Qualify for the Previous season’s Tour Championship

All player’s who qualified to play in the last season ending Tour Championship will have a place in the field.

13. Hold a spot in the top 60 of the Official World Golf Rankings at a specific point

For 2019, the top 60 players in the Official World Golf Rankings on May 20, 2019 were eligible for an exemption.

14. Hold a spot in the top 60 of the Official World Golf Rankings at a slightly later specified point

In addition to the entries from the May date, the top 60 in the Official Word Golf Rankings on June 10, 2019 will also qualify, if they have not already done so.

15. Get lucky with a special exemption from the USGA

The governing body of the event has the power to invite some players on special exemptions and does so each year.

That’s the exemptions covered, now let’s focus on the sectional qualifiers.

How do you qualify or the US Open? The qualifiers

There are a series of of sectional qualifiers that usually happen a few weeks before the tournament and take place in various locations, although most are in the USA.

Players who have not yet qualified for the event can enter this one day event to try battle it out for one of the coveted spots up for grabs.

There are many more players that places, as the below tweet demonstrates, so these events are always hotly contested.

So, how do you qualify for the US Open? Well, now you know.

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