Frequently Asked Questions

How does Covid-19 affect the NCG Top100s Matchplay?

Should your area be placed into lockdown that puts a restriction on playing matches we will simply extend deadlines for matches to be finished. We will work closely with our players to get it finished in time for our Regional Finals. 

How are matches arranged? 

All matches will be drawn home or away. As is the case with most golf club knockouts, the responsibility of arranging the match will fall on the home team, however, both pairs will be given the contact information to initiate contact.

Although, it will be the home team who will ultimately be booking the tee-times.

Do we have to pay visitor green fees? 

Golf clubs may offer courtesy and are often happy to do this because their members would mutually benefit from the same agreement when playing away, but some clubs will not permit this. If courtesy is not offered then we recommend the visitor fees being split by the pairs, if not, then the away team will need to pay the member guest fee to the club as per normal golf club policies.

Will I require Travel Insurance?

If you successfully reach the Grand Final then it is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient travel insurance. We do not accept any liability for any losses incurred as a result of you having taken out insufficient travel insurance.

Can I choose my flights for the Grand Final?

Flights will be available either from Manchester or London Heathrow, you will be able to choose from either departure airport. Travel to and from the airport in the UK is to be arranged by the individual and at their own expense.