Holyhead Golf Club

Holyhead Golf Club | NCG Top 100s: Wales

Holyhead Golf Club is a short but tough test for all golfers, and the northwestern most venue on the NCG Top 100s: Wales list. 
It is tucked away on the isle of Anglesey, but relatively easy to get to by road, rail, and ferry. Golfers are blessed with views of the bay and the Irish Sea, which could distract from the task at hand. 
The course was opened in 1912 by James Braid - the five-time winner of the Open Championship - with the final four holes being added to the design prior to the First World War. 
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A Brief History of Holyhead Golf Club

Holyhead Golf Club has been around for longer than 110 years, with the golf course opening in 1912, and it was a five-time Open Champion that was the man behind the design.  
Like many links courses in the United Kingdom, James Braid was the designer and architect of Holyhead Golf Club. When it first opened, it was a 14-hole layout, with the final four holes being added a couple of years later.  
Not much has changed since then, with the course still exhibiting some of its original quirks, including cross-over fairways.  

Holyhead Golf Club Review | NCG Top 100s: Wales

The course at Holyhead Golf Club is at the shorter end of the distance scale compared to most on the NCG Top 100s: Wales list, but that does not mean that you will not be tested throughout a round. The Par 71 course runs at 6,100 yards from the tips, and if you’re feeling warm from the off, then it opens with a drivable par 4. 
The 1st hole at Holyhead is only 277 yards from the tips, and is reachable for plenty of golfers. However, with it being your first tee shot, is it worth the risk of pull-hooking one into the gorse that runs down the left side and getting off to a bad start? The 2nd is the first of five par 3s on the card, and the first of three in a five-hole stretch on the front nine. 4 and 6 are the others, with the former being the shortest hole on the course at just 125 yards. 
The 3rd is the first par 5, and the hardest hole on the front nine. It is a semi-blind tee shot with the fairway starting in view and then running up and over a crest. Anything to the right will drop down to the 5th hole, which runs in the opposite direction. 7 is a tough driving hole, with a large gorsey hill on the left, and a water hazard and stream running down the right. Find the fairway and take a par on 7 for sure! 
The two holes at the turn - 9 and 10 - are back-to-back par 5s. Both are shorter than 480 yards, but they are difficult holes. The 9th tees off from the other side of the 18th fairway and has two bunkers in the landing zone. Two greenside bunkers and gorse all down the right side make it a narrow approach if you opt to go for it in two. The 10th is the hardest hole on the property, and it is followed by a par 3 of more than 220 yards. If you get through the turn unscathed at Holyhead, you are rewarded with scoring opportunities on the rest of the back nine. 
The 12th is the last par 5, and the longest hole on the course, while the 13th is the final par 3 before you go through five consecutive par 4s to finish a round. 14 is drivable at just 270 yards, but with four greenside bunkers and plenty of trees, that drive must be accurate! The 17th is also a short par 4, while 15, 16 and 18 all measure more than 400 yards. The 16th is 450 from the tips, and the longest par 4 on the card, while the closing hole at Holyhead has the B4545 running down its left side, making anything more than a few yards left of the fairway out of bounds. Four greenside bunkers add to the peril of the final hole.  

FAQs about Holyhead Golf Club

Where is Holyhead Golf Club located?  
Holyhead Golf Club is the northwestern most venue on the NCG Top 100s: Wales list, situated on the island of Anglesey. It sits just off the A55, the main road to Holyhead from mainland Wales. Views out to the Irish Sea are given from some of the course, which sits just a mile from the water. 
Holyhead Station is at the end of the line for three main rail services. Trains from Holyhead run to Crewe, Cardiff Central and London Euston. For international visitors to Wales, the nearest major airports across the border in England. Liverpool John Lennon Airport and Manchester Airport are around two hours from Holyhead Golf Club, and the latter is the busiest airport in the United Kingdom outside of London.  
For those travelling from Ireland, then the ferry to Holyhead might be the best way of getting across the Irish Sea. More than ten ferries per day travel between Holyhead and the Irish capital of Dublin.  

What golf facilities does Holyhead Golf Club offer?
Along with the James Braid-designed golf course, Holyhead Golf Club also has a driving range and a short game area to allow golfers to practice their skills before taking to the course.  

What are the green fees at Holyhead Golf Club?
The price of a green fee at Holyhead Golf Club changes throughout the year, depending on the season. It is also different depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend. 
For more information on current green fees at Holyhead Golf Club, visit their website here
Visit the Holyhead Golf Club website here