Killarney (Mahony's Point)

Killarney (Mahony's Point)

Killarney (Mahony’s Point Course)

Killarney (Mahony’s Point Course) | NCG Top 100s: Ireland

Killarney is blessed to host two courses that make it onto the NCG Top 100s: Ireland list – the Killeen Course and the Mahony’s Point Course. 
The Mahony’s Point Course came to fruition after Fred Hawtree added to the venue to make it a 36-hole golf course. 
Nowadays, the final three holes of the layout bring Lough Leane into play, with 17 and 18 playing alongside the water hazard.  
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A Brief History of Killarney (Mahony’s Point Course)

The Killarney Golf & Fishing Club was founded in 1893, making it more than 130 years old and one of the oldest venues on the NCG Top 100s: Ireland list. 
1937 saw the club move to its current venue on the northern banks of Lough Leane, with an 18-hole layout around the water.  
The 1960s saw Fred Hawtree create 18 new holes, with the 36 holes then sorted into the Killeen and Mahony’s Point Courses that we see and play today. 

Killarney (Mahony’s Point Course) Review | NCG Top 100s: Ireland

With the Killeen Course being the championship venue at the Killarney Golf & Fishing Club, the Mahony’s Point Course can be seen as a secondary layout. However, this 6,780-yard course, which sees the banks of Lough Leane come into play on the final three holes, still offers a real test of a golfer's ability, with plenty of challenges to negotiate throughout a round.  
The opening hole offers a gentle start, a par 4 of just 370 yards from the tips. Six greenside bunkers, five of which are on the right side of the putting surface, are there to catch anything slightly mishit. Two tough par 4s follow, with the dog-leg right 2nd and the 465-yard 3rd. The 4th is the first of the four par 3s on the course, and the shortest hole as well. At just 160 yards and with only two greenside bunkers, this is one of the easier chances for a birdie you’ll find on the Mahony’s Point layout. The short par 5 5th follows, adding to those great opportunities. The 5th is only 495 yards and with a solid drive, most will fancy taking the green on with their second. 
6 is a dog-leg right par 4 of 390 yards, with the approach played over a small stream to get to the green. Anything short of the green will find the water hazard. The 7th is a par 3 with four greenside bunkers, before you get to the 8th, the longest hole on the course. 8 is 585 yards long from the tips and a true three-shot par 5 for most. With a forest down the entirety of the left side of the hole, drives tend to leak out, but there are small clumps of trees to avoid down the right as well. At 320 yards, the 9th offers a great birdie chance to close out the front nine, providing you hit the fairway. 
10 is a dog-leg right par 4 where positioning off the tee is vital, thanks to trees in the middle of the fairway. 11 is the longest par 4 on the course at 468 yards from the tips, but there is a wide landing zone and just the one greenside bunker to avoid on the approach. The 12th is the longest par 3 on the Mahony’s Point, at almost 240 yards long. One huge bunker to the right of the green, along with smaller sand traps on the left and at the back, all need to be avoided. 
There are chances to come, though, with the short par 5 13th and short par 4 15th. 13 is only 470 yards long, with most being able to reach in two, while the 15th is less than 300 yards. Some will go for the green, but with trees right and water hazard behind the green, the safe play is to lay up to a comfortable distance and take on the flag with a wedge in hand.  
The 16th is the last par 5, and the first time that you get a glimpse of Lough Leane. The water is the stunning backdrop to the 16th, with anything long of this green finding the hazard. 17 plays as a dog-leg right, hugging the shoreline of Lough Leane, and meaning that anything right off the tee will find the water. The closing hole is a par 3, unlike most courses, played over the corner of the Lough to find the green. If you make the carry, four greenside bunkers are waiting anything that isn’t hit cleanly.  

FAQs about Killarney (Mahony’s Point Course)

Where is Killarney (Mahony’s Point Course) located?  
Killarney Golf & Fishing Club is located on the northern banks of Lough Leane in the southwestern corner of Ireland. It is just outside the town of Killarney, with good road links thanks to the N22, N71 and N72 all meeting on the outskirts of the town. Killarney National Park is just to the south of Lough Leane, while the border with County Cork is less than 20 miles to the east.  
Killarney is also home to its own railway station, which is on the line between Tralee in the west and Dublin Heuston in the east. Cork and Shannon Airports are the closest to Killarney Golf & Fishing Club, with the former being around 60 miles from the venue. For international visitors, Dublin Airport may well be the best option, with the airport servicing the nation’s capital sitting 200 miles to the northeast, around a four-hour drive. 

What golf facilities does Killarney (Killeen Course) offer?
Along with the Killeen Course and Mahony’s Point Course, Killarney Golf Club is also home to a sublime Golf Academy. There is a 9-hole Academy Course, along with a superb driving range and a wonderful short game area to hone your skills. 

What are the green fees at Killarney (Mahony’s Point Course)?
The price of a green fee at Killarney (Mahony’s Point Course) changes throughout the year, depending on the season. It is also different depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend.  
For more information on current green fees at Killarney (Mahony’s Point Course), visit their website here
Visit the Killarney (Mahony’s Point Course) website here