Sunningdale (New)

Sunningdale (New)

Sunningdale (New) Golf Club

Sunningdale (New) Golf Club | NCG Top 100s: GB&I Golf Courses

Being the second course to such an outstanding and famous name as the Old Course is never easy. Sunningdale New does not, however, cower in her sister's glory. This is championship golf of the very highest standard.

The New is more obviously apparent than the Old on first viewing, with its open expanses and a greater proportion of straight holes. Perhaps it is the respective names that lead you to think this way, but the Old does feel the more mature and established, whereas the New still retains a slightly more youthful feel despite being only 20 years or so junior.

Although many people who come to Sunningdale do so with the intention of playing the Old Course, the New Course can provide a fierce test of golfing ability, with generous greens and a more open route that allows gorgeous views to return where they were previously hidden by trees.

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A Brief History of Sunningdale (New) Golf Club

Commissioned after the end of WWI, Sunningdale's New Course opened in 1923 in order to reduce pressure on the Old Course due to golf memberships rising quickly.

In the 1930s, the New Course had major changes due to criticisms for the amount of climbing involved in the middle part of the original layout. From the 6th, you would just keep climing until you got to the 10th hole.

The New Course at Sunningdale has proven itself to not only be of equal merit to the Old, but one of the top 100 UK Courses, partnering with the Old Course for many years during the Open Championship International Final Qualifying.

Sunningdale (New) Golf Club Review | NCG Top 100s: GB&I Golf Courses

Winding in and out between one another for the most part, only the horseshoe, as it is known, towards the end of the front nine of the New seems divorced from the rest of the huge estate. On these three holes, the trees give way to an expanse of old-fashioned and wild common where the higher land means the wind is a key factor and suddenly there are expansive views over a swathe of open land that you would swear could not exist so close to London.

In fact, it is just 22 miles from the capital’s West End and, more significantly for golfers, only a mile or so further down the A30 from Wentworth. The Sunningdale New course has also seen plenty of championship action and was the venue for Gary Player’s first-ever professional victory, in the 1956 Dunlop Masters. In amateur golf, the Brabazon Trophy has also been competed for here.

As far as opening holes go, the New’s is about as tough as it gets: 465 yards across a pronounced left-to-right slope. In fact, the opening half is much the longer of the two and if you can emerge relatively unscathed through, say, the first 11 holes then a good score is a distinct possibility. Highlights include the 9th, which demands a driver over a saddle-shaped brow to a sweeping fairway that will add 40 yards to a straight drive.

It is the start of the New’s Amen Corner. Immediately afterwards comes another of Sunningdale’s exceptional short holes, this time calling for a long iron to a generous green. Miss it at your peril – heather and cavernous bunkers await.
Then comes another tough par four, this time a dogleg to the left. Stronger hitters may clear the corner and therefore bring the green into range, but most will be forced to aim well right from the tee and play the hole as a par five.
Sunningdale New ends with a gentle par five – it is only three yards longer than  the 1st on the card – which offers the chance of a closing birdie. Suitably flushed with success, you will then want to retire to the sumptuous clubhouse for a long, cool drink and reflect on a day spent in golfing nirvana.

How many courses are there at Sunningdale?

There are two, 18-hole courses at Sunningdale: the Old Course and the New Course. 

Where is Sunningdale Golf located?

Sunningdale Golf Club is located around 45km west of central London. It is only 10 miles southwest of London Heathrow Airport and is easily accessible by road.

Can non-members play golf at Sunningdale Golf Club?

Sunningdale is a private members' club, however visitors are able to play both the Old and New Course Monday to Thursday.

Through the summer months, both the Old and New Courses will cost £350 for a visitors green fee.

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