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Dumbarnie Links | NCG Top 100s: Scotland

Dumbarnie Links is one of the newest courses that you will find on any of the NCG Top 100s lists, but it has also received plenty of acclaim in its very short history. 
Situated on the Balcarres Estate, which has been around for centuries, the golf course only opened in 2020 following design work from Clive Clark. 
The course plays at just shy of 7,000 yards, but in anticipation of hosting future tournaments, there are tees which take the course back to 7,600 yards for when the professionals arrive.  
Visit the Dumbarnie Links website here.  

A Brief History of Dumbarnie Links

Unlike some of its near neighbours, which have been around for centuries, Dumbarnie Links only opened in 2020. The site, and its history, date back much further, though. 
The land that the course sits on is part of the Balcarres Estate. The House on the Estate was built prior to the end of the 16th Century. 
Fast forward 400 years, and the idea of bringing golf to the Balcarres Estate was being talked about. Clive Clark was brought in to design the course, which then opened in 2020. 

Dumbarnie Links Review | NCG Top 100s: Scotland

Despite only being a few years old, the course looks like it has been there for decades. Clark’s design is sublime, and the Dumbarnie Links offers both professionals and amateurs a real test of golf. For us mere mortals, the Dumbarnie Links play at a maximum of 6,950 yards. If the links is to hold a tournament, tees have been added for that exact reason. They push the course back to more than 7,600 yards. No matter which tees you opt to play from at Dumbarnie, you will face a tough task. However, it is one where birdie opportunities will arise if you play well. 
The course begins with a 420-yard par 4 to get you going. There is a generous fairway, and the green is only guarded by two bunkers, both back left of the putting surface. The 2nd is the first of the four par 5s at Dumbarnie Links, playing just over 510 yards from the blacks. The fairway is split into two by a stream, which then winds round the second part of the fairway and back across in front of the green, splitting the whole into three. The 3rd is less than 340 yards, and for the longest of hitters, they may be tempted to take on the green. However, for those looking to play the safe route, the fairway is wide, and apart from a singular bunker in the centre, there is not too much danger to watch out for. 
The 4th features 10 bunkers, with the par 4 having three of those greenside. 5 has a split fairway, running either side of a mound and bunkers down the middle. Those choosing the left fairway will cut the distance down on the hole, but the right portion of the fairway is much wider. The 6th is the opening short hole at Dumbarnie Links, playing 185 from the black tees. A large green is guarded by three greenside bunkers, while anything horrendously short will find the wasteland. The 7th is the second par 5 on the course, and takes you around the northern boundary of the property. It is a dog-leg right from the tee, with your aiming point being towards the out of bounds down the left.  
8 is the shortest hole on the course at just 155 yards, with its narrow green surrounded by sand traps. The closing hole on the front nine is another tough par 4, but the wide fairway should provide some comfort for those struggling from the tee. At 497 yards from the blacks, the 10th is an incredibly difficult par 4. It is also one of the most sublime par 4s on the NCG Top 100s: Scotland list. The 10th brings you to the coastline, with Hogs Balles Beach on your right. It plays away from the sand to begin with, before the dog-leg right take you back towards the beach. There is also a water hazard to contend with in front of the green. 
294 yards. That’s all the 11th is, and with the wind behind there is a definite chance of making the green in one. Seven bunkers might put you off from doing so, with the safe play being a long iron or hybrid out to the right, before taking on the green with a wedge. 12 is another long par 4, this time straight, with just a couple of fairway bunkers in play off the tee. The green is pear-shaped, narrowing as it moves away from you. 13 is one of two holes on the back nine that will be more than 600 yards if Dumbarnie hosts tournaments in the future. For us amateurs, it plays 550 yards. It is a narrow fairway, one that splits into a left and right portion further down the whole.  
Like a number of holes already undertaken, the 15th also has a split fairway. Opposite to the 5th, the right side shortens the hole, with the left side being wider but a further distance. At 580 yards, most will need three shots to reach anyway, but how you score comes from the decision on the tee. Sandwiching 15 are the two par 3s on the back nine. 14 is gentle compared to the 16th, which features a long and narrow green. Anything long of the 16th green will find one of four bunkers at the back.  
The final two holes at Dumbarnie Links are very contrasting par 4s. The penultimate hole on the course is only 360 yards from the black tees. You play down the left side of the hole to begin with, to a fairway which has no danger apart from a narrow stream which is arrow straight and runs down the right side. After hitting the fairway, you turn right to aim towards the green, hitting over said stream. In total, the 17th has 13 bunkers, but only eight of those are really in play. Dumbarnie closes with a 450-yard par 4. Another dog-leg right, the closer takes you back up to the clubhouse. Pairs of bunkers line the right side, with two then also on the left side of the green. A par on the last is a fine result.  

FAQs about Dumbarnie Links

Where is Dumbarnie Links located?  
Dumbarnie Links is one of several incredible golf courses located on the eastern coastline of Scotland. The course sits next to Hogs Balles Beach, looking back across to Leven. Both Dundee (north) and Edinburgh (south) are within an hour’s drive. Dumbarnie Links is just a few miles down the road from the Golf House Club, Elie
International visitors looking to play at Dumbarnie Links are best travelling through Edinburgh Airport, the busiest airport in Scotland. Almost 15 million people travelled through Edinburgh in 2023, with the number continuing to rise following the COVID-19 pandemic.  

What golf facilities does Dumbarnie Links offer?
As well as the glorious golf course, Dumbarnie Links is also home to a beautiful driving range at the northern side of the property. It sits next to the first three holes, with a dedicated short game area at the side of the driving range, with two greens - one for putting and one for chipping. The latter has three bunkers for golfers to practice their sand skills before taking to the course.  

What are the green fees at Dumbarnie Links?
The price of a green fee at Dumbarnie Links changes throughout the year, depending on the season. It is also different depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend. 
For more information on current green fees at Dumbarnie Links visit their website here
Visit the Dumbarnie Links website here