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Lofoten Links

Lofoten Links | NCG Top 100s: European Golf Resorts

Lofoten Links is a unique golfing venue. Located on the Norwegian island of Gimsøya, it is the only golf course for 100 miles. With incredible views over the Norwegian Sea, and with a number of holes being played along the coastline, and the opportunity to play under the midnight sun during the summer, Lofoten is certainly a one-of-a-kind venue.

Lofoten Golf Club was originally born in 1991, but Lofoten Links was just an idea. It wasn’t until 1998 that Lofoten Utvikling AS was founded, which led to the creation of the first 6-hole golf version of the course in cooperation with Lofoten Golf Club. 12 years later, in 2010, the course was expanded to 9 holes, and then finally, in July of 2015, Lofoten Links was opened as a new and rebuilt 18-hole links course.

The resort is also unique when it comes to the accommodation options on offer at Lofoten Links. There is no hotel on site, with the accommodation coming in a range of lodges which offer something slightly different. There are lodges that have shared living spaces, but each of the three bedrooms has its own bathroom and shower space. Three Deluxe Lodges on site are more suited for the larger groups, and are essentially like a villa in the majority of our resorts. 

When you’re thinking of a golf holiday, Turkey, Portugal and Spain are always the countries and locations that come to mind. However, take a look at Lofoten Links. You won’t be disappointed thanks to midnight golf and the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. 

Visit the Lofoten Links website here.

Lofoten Links Overview | NCG Top 100s: European Golf Resorts

Norwegian Links Golf

Lofoten Links is a wonderful 18-hole golf course which is situated on the Norwegian island of Gimsøya. The course plays along the coastline at times, with an unobstructed view to the North and the opportunity to play through the night, as the sun doesn’t set at Lofoten through the summer months. 

The Norwegian Sea provides its own water hazard on several holes, while its sandy beaches act as natural bunkers. Both the 2nd and 16th greens are basically in the Norwegian Sea, with golfers playing towards the waves, with the two greens surrounded by the sea on three sides. 

That is not the only water to contend with, as both the 8th and 9th play around the Arvikvatnet Lake. This course is not for the faint of heart, but it is truly a rewarding experience and adventure not to be missed!

Midnight Sun Golf & Northern Lights

Thanks to its location, which is within the Arctic Circle, the temperatures never rise too much. However, the midnight sun phenomenon allows golf to be played 24/7 for an eight-week period.

From the end of May through to the middle of July, the sun does not set on Gimsøya Island. It is one of the few courses in the world that can offer non-stop golf, with players able to tee off at two in the morning if they really wanted to.

Later in the year, from the end of August to mid-October, Lofoten Links has special packages which offer a round of golf in the daytime, before the chance to experience the Northern Lights when the sun goes down.

Lofoten Links Lodges

The Lofoten Links Lodges offer a range of cosy accommodation which are situated just around the corner from Hov Beach. The lodges face north and look out over the Norwegian Sea, so guests can enjoy both the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. 

Eight of the lodges on the property have three bedrooms which are soundproofed, each of which has its own bathroom. The lodges all have a shared living space, with living room, kitchenette and a terrace with a view to the north and the Norwegian Sea. 

There are also three Deluxe Lodges, which work the same as private villas would at resorts on the Mediterranean. They each have several bedrooms, a shared bathroom, living area and kitchenette, and a hot tub can be added onto the lodge’s terrace for a small fee. 

FAQs about Lofoten Links

Where is Lofoten Links located? 
Lofoten Links is the most northerly course on the NCG Top 100 European Golf Resorts list, and is situated on the northwestern tip of Norway, looking out over the Norwegian Sea. It is located on the island of Gimsoya. 

What is the nearest airport to Lofoten Links? 
With where Lofoten Links is based, Svolvaer Helle Airport is the nearest, sitting around 25 miles from the resort. However, the airport only flies to three destinations with one airline. Wideroe operates flights to Bodo, Rost and Leknes. 

Bodo is one of the larger airports in Norway, and is five hours away by car and ferry. Tromso is the other major airport that is within driving distance, but it is situated almost 300 miles to the north east of Lofoten Links.

Does Lofoten Links offer golf lessons? 
There are several options when it comes to golf tuition at Lofoten Links. For those just beginning in the game and wanting to understand the fundamentals and basics, Golf Fun is perfect. This package includes instruction on the driving range with a pro and afterwards the ability to play a few selected holes with an instructor. 

What are the green fees at Lofoten Links? 
2500 NOK (£182) is the most expensive green fee for visitors to the resort through the high season (June-September). It will cost 1500 NOK (£110) for a round in the mid-season (May, October).

Those prices come down for guests of the resort, with a round at Lofoten costing 1900 NOK (£140) during the high season, and 1050 NOK (£77) in the mid-season.

The course is closed between November and April due to inclement weather in the winter months.

What accommodation is on offer at Lofoten Links? 
A range of lodges are available to stay in during a trip to Lofoten Links. There are eight lodges that include a shared living area, each of which have three bedrooms with their own bathrooms, while there are also three deluxe lodges. These are more suited to larger groups, with several bedrooms, shared bathrooms and living areas. 

What other resorts and courses are nearby? 
Lofoten Links is one of just six resorts to make the NCG Top 100 European Golf Resorts list that are situated in the whole of Scandinavia. It is the only golf course in the region, with Vesteralen sitting just under 100 miles away.

Visit the Lofoten Links website here.