Wondering what the format is for a play-off at the Open? NCG has all you need to know

The last time we had a play-off at the Open back in 2015, Zach Johnson was the man who claimed the Claret Jug.

It is yet to be seen if we will have a tie this year and require extra holes, but if we do the question we will need answering is what is the Open play-off format?

What is the Open play-off format?

Thankfully, the format for the play-off that could take place at Royal Portrush is really, really straightforward.

The players that finish in a tie for the lead will head back onto the course to play a three-hole aggregate play-off.

This means that all players involved will play a specific set of three holes over strokeplay and the lowest score will win. The selected holes for Portrush are 1, 13 and 18.

If the competitors remain tied and cannot be split after three then we will see the introduction of sudden death until we have a champion.

Previously, the format was a four-hole play-off, but for 2019, the R&A have decided to shorten it.

This is the first time that this has happened and is the first of its kind in the modern game.

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