You've got your ticket to the 148th Open, but how do you actually get to Royal Portrush?

So, you’ve purchased your tickets for this year’s Open at Royal Portrush. The next step is to plan your journey, how exactly are you going to get there?

Whether you’re travelling form the UK or elsewhere, NCG gives you all the details you need to find your way to the Northern Irish venue.

How to get to Royal Portrush

As with many links locations, it’s fair to say that Royal Portrush can be tricky to get to. But, with the right planning, it can be done.

So there are a few methods via which you can get yourself to Portrush, as summed up below…


If you are hoping to travel directly to the golf by car, then be advised that you won’t be parking at the course itself.

Instead you will be directed to a nearby car park from which a regular, free Park & Ride service will be operating.

Travelling from Ireland or within Northern Ireland, you will stick to the A-roads where possible, with roads like the A26, A37 and A2 all heading towards Portrush.

You’ve got a trickier job even getting to this point if you are driving from England, Scotland, Wales or anywhere else for that matter.

The answer to the question of how to get your car over to Ireland is by ferry. There are ferry services that run to various parts of Ireland and Northern Ireland, so do some research and find which crossing suits you.

From there, you’re in the same boat as those beginning their journey the other side of the water.


The next travel option is by bus.

Of course, you’ll need to be in Ireland before you get on a bus, or you probably won’t be making it to the golf.

So, as with all public transport services, there will be an increased service leading up to and during the championship.

The local services around Portrush and the surrounding areas will be running at regular intervals, stopping at major caravan sites in the area.

The Goldline service which runs services from Belfast and Derry-Londonderry to Coleraine will be in operation as usual, with extra buses put on for the weekend.

From Coleraine, you can jump on the local bus.

Finally, in addition to these existing bus services, there will also be a Belfast to Portrush coach, that is available to be pre-booked.

By rail

Generally, the best way to get to Portrush by rail is from either Belfast or Derry-Londonderry.

There will be an extended timetable running from Belfast, where passengers will be able to travel directly to Portrush with no changes.

An hourly service will be in operation from Derry-Londonderry running to Coleraine. From there, a bus will take spectators to the course.

By air

I you’re planning on flying over to this year’s event, you have a choice to make as to which airport to head for.

The City of Derry Airport is the closest to the course, but there are other larger options that may offer more flight options, such as Belfast International, Belfast City and Dublin.

While these may be further away, there may be a greater chance of securing a journey to one of these.

Wherever you arrive into, you will have to use one of the above methods to reach the final destination.

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