10 things you may not know about Augusta National


Did you know these facts about Augusta National?

Seeing the sight of The Masters brings excitement to any golfing fan across the world. When the time comes around for the Masters it seems to signal the real start to the golfing season, especially in the UK. Here are 10 Augusta National facts about the Alistair McKenzie designed course that you might not know about.

Augusta National Facts – All about Amen Corner

This is one of the most iconic phrases in golf and it refers to the stretch of holes from the 11th to 13th at Augusta. The 11th is a long par 4 with water left of the sloping green. The 12th is a short par 3 played over water. And the 13th is an exciting par 5 with the famous Rae’s Creek separating the fairway from the green.

The term ‘Amen Corner’ was coined by American sports writer Herbert Warren Wind in 1958. He had heard the expression used in the jazz song “Shouting at Amen Corner”.

Augusta National Facts – How to become a member at Augusta

Obtaining a membership is extremely difficult. Harder than gaining tickets for the Masters!

You must be invited by the club and then reportedly pay a five-figure subscription fee. Notably, Bill Gates is a member.

Augusta National Facts – The curse of the par-3 competition

A nine-hole competition takes place on the eve of the Masters every year. All players and past champions are traditionally invited. To this day, no player has won the par-3 contest and the Masters in the same year.

There is a fountain placed next to the 1st tee of the par-3 course. It has every par-3 contest winners engraved on it starting with Sam Snead in 1960.

Augusta National Facts – The Champions’ Dinner

The Champions’ Dinner is for members of Augusta National Golf Club and past champions of the tournament. It takes place on the Tuesday night of Masters week.

The reigning champion hosts the dinner and he picks the menu for the other guests. Treats in recent years have included Danny Willett’s traditional Sunday roast, Tiger Woods’ cheeseburgers and chips in after his first win in the late 1990s, Nick Faldo’s fish and chips and Sandy Lyle’s haggis.

Defending champion Patrick Reed plans to lay on rib-eye steak with mac and cheese.

Augusta National Facts – How do you get to play at Augusta?

If you thought gaining a membership sounded tough then trying to play the course is just as difficult.

You must either be friends with a member, be part of the golf media ballot at the Masters, be a volunteer at the tournament or play at a nearby university to name just a few options.

Augusta National Facts – The hole yardages are rounded off to the nearest five yards

The yardages of Augusta National are rounded to the nearest five or 10, leaving a round figure for those of you who have OCD with numbers.

Course founders Bobby Jones said the forever changing tee and pin positions were part of the reason to leave the yardages rounded. The course currently measures at 7,435 yards.

Augusta National Facts – What are those cabins you occasionally see in the trees?

There are 10 cabins located inside the grounds of Augusta National and for the members and their guests.

One cabin is called the Eisenhower Cabin as it was purposely built by the club for President Eisenhower.

Augusta National Facts – The Crow’s Nest

Ever wondered what is at the top of the Augusta National clubhouse?

Well, the Crow’s Nest is dormitory-style accommodation capable of housing five people at a time. This is where the amateur players traditionally stay during the week of the tournament.

Augusta National Facts – Augusta’s short playing season

Despite the peak golfing season in Georgia being the summer months, Augusta National is only open for member play until May and then it closes until October.

Augusta National Facts – No running please

Augusta enforces strictly policed rules. Commentators, broadcasters and anyone else referring to the crowds at Augusta must call them patrons. Patrons are not allowed to run on the property. There are no grandstands and a chair is enough to reserve your place for the day. No electronic equipment is allowed on the course apart from on practice days. The latter applies to players as well.

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