Hole 4

Chateaufort (Fortified Castle), Par 4, 445 yards

Pavon: A very hard hole, very long. It’s very important to find the fairway, the green is very big and uphill so don’t be afraid to pull one club longer and past the big hill because if you have a downhill chip it is really really bad.

Hole 5

Plein Gaz (Full Gas), Par 4, 370 yards

Pavon: A short dog-leg left-to-right. You don’t need to a hit a driver, a 2-iron is enough. You can go into it with a wedge so you can be pretty aggressive compared to other holes.

Hole 6

Mais ou Colza (Made from Oil), Par 4, 348 yards

Pavon: A short hole where you hit a 2-iron and the a wedge. It’s the easiest hole on the course.