Hole 1

En Avant (Forward), Par 4, 383 yards

Pavon: It’s a nice little hole to start on, all of the water is just on the left side. It could be a very difficult hole to start when the wind is blowing into your face because usually you have to hit a 2-iron or 3 wood, but you can definitely hit a driver.

Marzelle: The first tee shot is very intimidating especially if the wind is blowing from right to left because you want to avoid the right rough.

Hole 2

L’Apontage (The Landing), Par 3, 192 yards

Pavon: The wind is usually blowing from the back so it is tough to spin the ball close to the flag so you just need to take it easy and play safely on the right-hand side.

Marzelle: When the wind is blowing and the flag is at the back left it is a big shot. Most of the time the advantage at the Open de France is when they are taking this location.

Hole 3

Le Merantais (?), Par 5, 510 yards

Pavon: A nice par 5, and a reachable one. You just need to hit as hard as you can down the left side to be able to reach the green in two. The bunker just short right of the green is pretty friendly so don’t be afraid to put it there.