We tested the Yonex Ezone XPG irons out on the practice ground at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

Conditions were windy and we were using non-premium balls. We monitored the data using a SkyTrak launch monitor.

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First impressions of the Yonex Ezone XPG irons

As we’ve come to expect from Yonex, these irons are incredibly stylish. They look fantastic on the shelf and in the bag.

Yonex EZone XPG Irons

There’s so much detail on the back of the head, they really are very pleasing to the eye.

At address, I’d say they are mid-sized so should appeal to a fairly wide range of abilities.

However, with the technology and the graphite shafts I’d say these were aimed more towards the game-improvement market, senior and lady golfers.

Yonex EZone XPG irons

Technology in the Yonex EZone XPG irons

I opted to test these irons out using a graphite shaft as I felt it would give me the best experience.

Yonex produce their own shafts and there’s technology here which allows the head the shaft and even the grip work in harmony.

Extra weight has been added to the head to give more forgiveness and consistency but this is counter-balanced by tungsten weight added to the butt of the grip.

This makes the club feel incredibly light and easy to swing.

The premium Japanese materials and construction in the head ensure fast ball speeds off the face and a nice high launch.

There was 29.5˚ of loft on the 7-iron which is fairly strong in comparison to other irons we have tested this year.

Performance of the Yonex EZone XPG irons

Yonex EZone XPG Irons

As you’d expect, they do feel nice and light and are very easy to swing.

There’s a lovely sound and feel off the face and overall, they just feel very user-friendly.

They are a bit of a dark horse on the distance front as we were really getting a few to fly out there. Ball speeds were very impressive and the distance was more than matching what we’d expect.

We got ball speeds of over 110mph and distance was averaging at about 150 yards but a few did fly out past 160 yards.

Better players may look for a little bit more control but I think these irons are aimed at the player who wants to get a bit more launch and flight with their irons.

They certainly do that so would be an ideal choice for someone who finds iron play a little bit like hard work. Moving into a graphite shaft could be a revelation for some players and I’d certainly recommend testing these out as the shaft and the head are designed to work together.

Overall verdict on the Yonex EZone XPG irons

These are the best Yonex irons I have hit. I’m not sure I’ll be moving over to a graphite shaft just yet but I’d have no problem at all putting these into play.

Ego plays a part but if you are genuinely struggling with steel shafts then make the change – the difference will help you enjoy your game much more.

Performance-wise, these more than matched some of the more well-known brands and I don’t think there are any irons which are more stylish.

The price is towards the premium end of the market but if you’re serious about your golf, it’s not an investment you will regret.

SRP: £699 (5-SW steel)
£799 (5-SW graphite)

For more visit the Yonex website here