In the space of just 13 Majors Yani Tseng enjoyed a run that no other golfer, male or female, has matched. The Taiwanese star captured five of them as she took a stranglehold on the ladies’ game and went on to hold the No. 1 spot for 109 straight weeks.

The hold has strangely loosened over the past couple of years but her class is undoubted and it shouldn’t be too long before she is threatening in the big ones again.

Next month Yani returns to Mission Hills for the opening Major of 2015 and what is now called ANA Inspiration.

Here, in her own words, Yani talks about how she intends to get back to winning ways…

“When I first went to the Q School at Mission Hills I went straight to the 18th hole to see what it was like. The course is tough and different to how it looks on TV. I love it, it suits my shape. When the greens are softer everyone has a chance, when they get harder then maybe that means the top 50 can win. You need to be able to spin it and be a good ball striker. It is also quite long.

“I spend most of the early part of the week working on getting the ball in play and around the greens and getting used to the speed. The grass is getting longer every year so you have to be comfortable around the greens.

When I touched the trophy before the final round everybody was so ‘why did you do that?’ “I love the way they set up the 18th, you never know what is going to happen there. The last four holes are tough and you have to be patient and finish the round off.

Before I won the Kraft in 2010 I thought about the jump into the pond every year, I would practise in my swimming pool and I would be quite scared as I didn’t know how deep it was and I can’t swim too well.

I don’t remember how cold or deep it was as I was so excited!

“When I touched the trophy before the final round everybody was so ‘why did you do that?’ but I knew a few players who had done the same and it had brought them good luck. People were saying you don’t touch the Super Bowl trophy but the Super Bowl and golf are different.
Everybody has their own superstitions – the media would have made a story of it had I won. I tried my best, maybe it was unlucky and I wouldn’t do it again. I was so excited, I wasn’t thinking that I was going to win but I was excited to see the trophy.
I was so nervous too so I did it to try and relax myself a little bit too.

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