Who are XXIO? And who owns them? And what products do they make? James Somerside answers all this and more

The Japanese golf manufacturer has risen to prominence in recent years, but who are XXIO?

The details

Owned by the same company as Srixon and Cleveland, XXIO are a Japanese golf manufacturer which offers a wide range of equipment from metalwoods and irons to golf balls and accessories.

XXIO place a premium on creating products with a lightweight design geared towards more moderate swing speeds. Like many Japanese brands, the company is detailed-obsessed, crafting each new product directly from scratch to produce a unique and personalised product.

Although still growing in the UK, XXIO has been a dominant force in the Japanese market, continuing to be the country’s largest selling golf brand over the past twenty years.

The products

Golfers are encouraged to ‘experience the difference’ in the way XXIO clubs are made, thanks to their focus on the lightweight construction and build quality of equipment. This ‘difference’ is evident in many of their products, with their current XXIO 12 irons garnering much praise from golfers who have seen an increase in distance after buying the clubs.

Another regular feature of XXIO clubs is counterbalancing, meaning that weight is added to the grip-end of the club to help with stability. This is important for creating a balanced-feeling and stable product when coupled with the brand’s extremely lightweight shafts.

For 2022, XXIO has created driver shafts as light as 41g for some models, which is around 20g lighter than standard driver shaft models. Golfers using an XXIO driver can therefore increase their swing-speed due to the lack of weight, while the counterbalancing technology helps to keep the club head on its intended path.

XXIO has product lines designed for both men and women, but the ethos remains the same – making clubs that are easier to swing quickly. The brand also claims that this lack of weight will help avoid fatigue in the golf swing, as the clubs require less exertion in the swing compared to rival products.

If you’re looking to try XXIO products for yourself, check out the company’s website or visit a your local retailer, with an increasing number of products now available across the UK.

The brand has new products in both their XXIO 12 and X lineups for 2022, so there’s plenty of choice for golfers looking to ‘experience the difference’ and try out XXIO equipment for the first time.


XXIO on tour

With product lines specifically designed to help amateur golfers swing the club more effortlessly, it should come as no surprise to learn that their global ambassador is major champion Ernie Els – owner of one of the smoothest swings in the game.

On the LPGA Tour, seven-time major winner Inbee Park has used the brand’s metalwoods and irons for a large part of her career. With more than 30 professional worldwide victories, the South Korean has been a dominant force in the women’s game for over a decade, using XXIO equipment for much of this success.

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