England Golf’s handicap chief Gemma Hunter has the answers to your pressing queries

How will entry to elite junior amateur competitions work? Most juniors won’t be scratch but around 2 to 5 handicap. If they can put in supplementary cards now, surely it’s open to abuse?

Entry into events will be the same as it is now – with organisers setting entry limits.

Golf is a game of trust and integrity and we expect player to be honest with the system. However, a club handicap committee will have oversight and be expected to take action if manipulation is suspected.

How will the abnormal weather conditions work in a competition – if it’s blowing a gale in the morning and there are better conditions in the afternoon?

The Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC) will be based on all scores returned on a day and how they deviate from what we would expect those players to score – not the actually weather conditions, as this could be very subjective.

At what time of day will handicap adjustments be made and notified? What happens if the computer is down?

The Handicap Calculation will take place shortly after midnight UK time. Players will be able to see any changes to the Handicap Index by the following morning. Should there be issues posting scores, scores can be posted the following day.

Will handicaps continue to be adjusted during winter golf?

The Handicap System works all year round, as long as a rated, measured course is maintained.

There is one player whose home course is sloped at 130 and a second whose home course is sloped at 110. Both have identical handicap indexes and enter an open medal at a neutral course with a slope of 120. Will they play off the same handicap?

Yes, they will. This is because all handicap indexes are based on a course with a slope rating of 113. This means that players with the same Handicap Index have comparable handicaps no matter the course they usually play.

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