There’s a one-stop shop delivering the key details for every course you might ever think to play under WHS

Many of us are one course loyalists – we play the majority of our golf at our home clubs and only rarely stray from its confines.

But there are also those who crave novelty, whether they want to tick off their favourites on ranking lists or just occasionally fancy somewhere new to tee it up.

The advent of the World Handicap System, which comes into force in the UK on November 2, brings an added edge for those who like to roam.

For the first time, we’ll be able to make our adventures count for handicap purposes. We’ll be able to put in an acceptable score that will remain on our record no matter where in the globe we play.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how your home course ranks – in terms of Course and Slope Rating – compared with your next holiday stop, or that bucket list layout you played last year, you can now find out.

The USGA holds a Course Rating and Slope Database with the key details of every rated course of which you could think and for all the respective tees.

As an example, let’s look at the course considered perhaps the toughest on the Open Championship rota: Carnoustie.

World Handicap System

With a Course Rating off the Open tees of 77.4 and a Slope rating of 143, it’s every bit as difficult as you’d think for both the scratch and bogey golfer – and thoroughly deserving of its ‘Carnasty’ nickname. And, at 135, it’s hardly a walk in the park off the yellows, either.

Have a scan yourself to look up your favourite courses…

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