What is Scott Hend’s favourite football team? And what was the last album he downloaded? And what is his perfect night out?

 NCG asks the players all the important questions – and they are happy to answer.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?


One tv series you keep going back to?

I like the black list

Last album you listened to?

It would probably be… That’s a good question because I listen to a multitude of music but probably Sia.

One word your friends/family would use to describe you?


What’s your guilty pleasure?


What’s your favourite film?

It used to be Top Gun but anything with a bit of action in it. Like I said I watch everything.

What’s your perfect night out?

Bottle of Chambertin de Cru, at home, eating the pizza watching the Nascar

When was the last time you were a bit tipsy?

Two months ago

Favourite football team?

Man United

Team you don’t like?


What would you if you were President for a day?

I would increase spending on retired military pensions and health care for the retired military

What do you think when you look in a mirror?

Who am i?

About ‘The World According To’

Anyone can ask golfers questions about golf.

What we want to know is what ticks their boxes away from our beautiful game – whether it be their favourite football team, film, or box sets.

Or the last time they were drunk.

Basically, we ask the questions you didn’t need to know the answers to but still want to…