How and why did you start Eureka Golf?
When I worked in my husband’s professional shop I kept listening to the ladies saying that they were travelling miles to find anything and it normally was quite drab. So we decided to stock ladies’ clothing properly. After the first two years we wanted to take the service that we offer ladies further than just the north east of England. We needed a name – Eureka means ‘I found it’, so that is now us, our brand.

How long has Eureka been going?
Five years.

What do you think women look for when it comes to golf fashion?  
Ladies really like having a good choice of every item/style/colour this allows them to find a cut or shape or colour that they really love, rather than ‘that is the only one you have got, take it or leave it.’

What have you found to be the most popular trends this season?
Rohnisch has again been really strong, but then so have all the brands we stock.

What are your top tips for retailing for women?
Don’t do it at all if you are not prepared to stock a wide variety.

How has Eureka evolved and what are the next steps?
Eureka Golf has grown, we started and our reputation continues to grow. We have even sold to customers in Alaska, New Zealand and Australia, we want to continue offering great ladies’ styles, with great customer service.

Women in Golf: Sarah Forrest