Another season of golf is almost upon us so it's time to look at ways you can improve your on course decision-making. First up, we tackle the all-important par 5s

Often approached as the easiest way to make gains on your competition, in episode 6 of our new winter golf training series we take a look at par-5 strategy. It’s vitally important you play to your strengths, so we’ve drafted in elite coach Dan Whittaker to tell us more…

Par-5 strategy: The main points

It still amazes me how many people automatically reach for the driver before they’ve even got to the tee. Sometimes it might be the correct play, but if you want to make the most of these scoring opportunities you’ve got to take a more detailed look at all the factors.

For example, you might be on a hole that’s littered with hazards you’re required to navigate and the best approach is one of caution.

In the video, it just so happens that the hole sets up well for Andy’s draw so hit play to find out how he got on and the techniques you can employ that’ll help your game.

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Our new instruction series was filmed at Lumine Golf Club, host venue of the 2019 European Tour Qualifying School. For more information, visit their website.