We tested the utility iron that helped Gary Woodland to US Open glory

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron: First Impressions

It ticks all the boxes in terms of looks. With utility irons, I find they often look a bit clumsy as they’re stuck in that area between a long iron and a hybrid. But standing over this, it’s clear Wilson have tried to retain the classic styling of an iron while offering a club you can have confidence in launching high. And they’ve succeeded.

The chrome finish gives it a really clean modern look, which I think is going to be very popular with golfers of all abilities.

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron: The Technology

The Staff Model Utility iron was originally created as a prototype for elite tour players and, as such, Wilson had input from a few, including Brendan Steele. It’s already appeared in the bags of major champions Padraig Harrington and Paul Lawrie.

It’s designed to provide a combination of distance, reliability and forgiveness. 

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron

With seven grams of weight positioned low in the clubhead, it is higher launching than previous models, which offers the ball flight of a hybrid with the aesthetic of an iron. 

Made from high-strength maraging steel, it delivers greater ball speeds across the entire face for improved distances. The hollow body long iron solution has also been refined for optimised feedback especially on miss-hit shots.

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron: NCG Verdict

It’s hard to fault this club. Truth be told, I’ve never carried a utility iron in my set but may have to reconsider.

Aesthetically it looks the part – you can see the tour influence – but I found it in no way intimidating to look down on, which is half the battle.

Most importantly, I was really happy with how it performed. For anyone struggling to hit their long irons, I’d encourage you to give this a go. It requires no extra effort to get off the ground so just swing normally and watch as the ball takes off. Furthermore, chances are it will go further than your normal three-iron so could be a useful club to bridge a potential gap in your set.

One final point is the sound. If you watched the video, you’ll likely have noticed the slightly higher pitch at impact. Coupled with the feel off the face, I like this feature. It differentiates it from the other clubs in your bag and somehow adds to the sense that it’s an easy club to hit.

I’ve heard many say Wilson are the most underrated brand in golf and, on the strength of this, I think they may be right.

Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron


Available: December 11, 2019

RRP: £169

Stock shaft: KBS Tour Hybrid

Lofts: 18˚, 21˚ and 24˚

More information: Wilson website