I waggled this club on the tee, said “oh my word, this could go anywhere!” because of how flexible the shaft was, and promptly nailed two effortless drives straight down the middle of the fairway!

In fairness, the high-launching 14° of loft was always going to result in too high a flight for me when my own driver is only 9°, but for ladies who struggle to get enough height and carry with their tee shots, this is ideal.

I am often afraid of hitting flexible shafts hard, for fear of mis-timing the shots, but I could happily let rip here, and found it absolutely effortless to use.

It’s very light, at only 269g (50g less than most drivers) and is designed to deliver greater clubhead speed and distance. Considering the high trajectory I got, I was pleasantly surprised how much distance I still got.

Ladies will love it!

SRP: £199