Golf equipment: Wilson Staff D100 fairway wood review

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NCG's team of experts review all the latest kit independently. Find out what they thought of the Wilson Staff D100 fairway wood...



JaW: The head was slightly disappointing, not to my eye. The shaft is good but it didn’t feel too fast out of the middle for me.
RR: The shaft is very light and, as such, it was easy to turn over. Felt solid off the face. Decent distance and a nice flight.
JoW: An inviting head shape and a nice, powerful feel. Quite light but ideal for high handicapper.
PC: A decent club, nothing outstanding though. I don’t like the shaft graphics.

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We are dedicated to providing unbiased and accurate tests, thus offering readers a trustworthy guide on golf equipment. We use TrackMan launch monitors and a team of enthusiastic and skilled golfers.
OUR TEST TEAM:  James Whitaker (pro), Ryan Rastall (pro), Joe Whitley (7hcp), Pete Chippindale (12)

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