Wilson's longest yet? We tested the D7 irons

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Wilson say these irons will be their longest but best-feeling game improvement irons to date. Equipment editor James Savage put them to the test to find out

Wilson D7 irons review: The results

Before even hitting these clubs I’d say that they were ticking a lot of boxes.

Improved looks on the D300, good shaft options and all at an extremely reasonable price.

But no one is going to buy them if they don’t perform well and they sound and feel horrible.

Thankfully that is not the case.

The Wilson D7 irons are right up there for distance and ball speed – just as quick as any other models we have tested over the past 12 months.

Wilson D7 irons review

They sound and feel pretty good too. They are quite loud but they still have a fairly soft feel. There’s no unwanted vibrations.

The D7 irons are also very easy to launch and despite their strong lofts, they seem to be flying high enough to allow the ball to stop on the green.

They are good fun to use and I think they do exactly what they say on the tin. I wouldn’t have any problem at all using a full set of these.

Wilson D7 irons review: NCG verdict

These irons won’t be everyone’s cup of tea because they are still quite large and have a lot of offset.

But they will definitely suit a lot of golfers – particularly those who feel like they need a bit more distance with their irons.

Wilson D7 irons review

I’m not too sure you could ask for much more for £469.

The performance seems right up there with other brands who are charging at least £200 more.

I do have a slight issue with the strength of the lofts because the 7-iron here is effectively a 6-iron which means the 5-iron is effectively a 4-iron.

And I’m not sure most of the golfers these clubs are aimed at will have the swing speed and quality of strike to deal with that.

Hybrids may need to come into play after the 6-iron.

So just make sure you go through the set when having your fitting to make sure there are nice even gaps right through the set.

Wilson D7 irons details

SRP: £469/£599 steel/graphite

Shafts: KBS Tour 80/UST-Mamiya 460 Recoil

On sale: Mid-January 2019

More information can be found on the Wilson website.

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