Why Didn't I Think of That? | Episode 5

Golf Equipment

Sometimes we have to say 'pants' to conventional accessory ideas

After a relatively short hiatus and after being inundated with emails and tweets asking when our next episode was coming, we are back with some new products to share with the world.


After scouring the web and the more undesirable locations of the world, we have some top pieces of tech to share.

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This episode features a revolutionary golf swing training aid, an exceptional and supposedly groundbreaking new putter grip, a bluetooth club attachment aimed at preventing club loss, a waterproof mobile phone case and weirdly a pair of golf underpants…

Products featured

Sure Set golf swing aid

The sure-set golf swing aid is aimed at improving your backswing and therefore increasing your load and power, enabling you to unleash this into the ball and therefore hit the ball much further.


The device makes the backswing move easier by setting up the correct angles and sets you up in the correct ‘loaded’ position.


Practising with the Sure Set will active your muscle memory and ensure you retain that perfect swing more often than not!

For more information please visit: www.sure-set-golf.co.uk

Club Alert

How often do you get a club out of your bag (usually a wedge) and your putter, play from a bunker, chuck your club down and then putt, before walking off and leaving your wedge on the edge of a bunker and remembering as you look for the club again when you’re back on the beach the very next hole?

Well there is a nice little solution available, the bluetooth club attachment Club Alert.

Essentially a small diode that sticks to the end of your club and connects to your phone via Bluetooth and has a dedicated mobile application.

If you walk more than 35 metres away from your club (approx 115 feet) then you’ll get a notification on your mobile phone to let you know you’ve left something behind saving you the embarrassment of having to run back from the clubhouse desperately searching for the wedge you’ve only had since a few days prior!

For more information please visit: www.clubalert.co.uk

Tech21 Patriot mobile phone case

The Patriot mobile phone case is a tough case made to protect your phone from almost anything the golf course could possibly throw at it.

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Splashproof and coming in a tough shell, the Patriot is almost airtight, meaning even in a summer shower your phone will be safe from the elements.


The case surprisingly for it’s type doesn’t add a great deal of bulk to your mobile, striking a great balance between ultra protection and style.

The handy belt clip works well for those looking for this feature, but also would clip on to a golf bag comfortably and securely. Something to bear in mind.

For more information please visit: www.tech21.com

Tupper putter grip

The Tupper putter grip is an oversized putter grip that promotes what Tupper are calling ‘Grip Forward Technology’. Basically that boils down to putting more of the grip material at the front of the shaft and making the arms and putter shaft line up into a ‘single unit’ during the putting stroke.

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This should increase putting consistency and a much more balanced stroke.


The texture on the grip is a nice soft material and unlike many of the other oversized putter grips that often have a thick feel.

For more information please visit: www.tuppergolf.com

2Undr sport underwear

What can we say about 2Undr trunks that needs to be said? 

Well these sport underwear have a joey pouch in the front portion for added ‘protection’ of your ‘valuables’. 


The fabric is much like that of other sports clothing allowing for breathability and keeping you cooler.

Available in a wide range of garish and more regular colour options, there is an option for all tastes.

They are worn by England cricketer Jimmy Anderson and UFC Middleweight Tim Boetsch AKA ‘The Barbarian’ so by wearing these you’re in good company…

For more information please visit: www.2undr.eu

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