Why Didn't I Think of That? Episode 2

The Scoop

Our series continues to take a look at the weird and wonderful in golfing gear

We’ve reached the difficult second episode of our look at some of the most intriguing golfing products available on the market today.

Some doubted the future, others questioned the reasoning.

But we are back with some of the most interesting products from some of the biggest manufacturers in the world of golf, including the US President Barack Obama endorsed Game Golf gadget.

Products featured

Sun Mountain Combo Trolley

“The patent-pending Combo controls the placement, weight and motion of the golf clubs, greatly increasing stability on the course. The materials used on the Combo bag body are chosen for durability and long life. Should the golfer need to replace it after years of use or damage, it is possible to easily change the bag out of the frame.”

Available: Now at www.sunmountaingolf.com
SRP: $469.99

Funkybobs retractable mini towel

“The retractable clip on the mini towel is a new concept that has been developed with the help of the European Tour Caddies Association.
Pro tour golfers would never putt without their ball being cleaned, yet most amateurs almost never clean their ball before putting.
The retractable clip on the mini towel helps eliminate the problems faced by players having to access their towel on or in a bag by allowing it to be clipped to a belt loop with it’s innovative oval top clip.”

Available: Now at www.funkybobs.co.uk
SRP: £8.60
Players can get an exclusive NCG reader 15% discount for the Funkybob mini towel with the code “twitter”

Game Golf

“By capturing the GPS location of every shot played, GAME GOLF provides valuable insights into a golfer’s entire round. Users quickly see their distance averages for each club over time. You can selectively view the shots taken from the tee box, fairway, bunker or rough, providing an even deeper understanding of your game.

In addition to knowing Club Performances over time, GAME GOLF lets golfers see how far they hit each and every shot. Knowing how far you hit each club helps lower scores and improves your stats. See how far you really hit each club and never under-club again. Don’t worry, GAME GOLF doesn’t use your miss-hit shots!”

Available: Now at www.gamegolf.com
SRP: £159.95

Lamkin ‘Technique’ Putter grip

The distinctive alignment guides to promote consistent hand placement for three common putting grips:

1. Reverse Overlap
2. Cross-Handed
3. Claw

The grips larger size helps reduce unnecessary wrist action. Textured pattern provides excellent grip control.

Available: Find out at www.lamkin.co.uk

iPing putting app and phone cradle

“The iPING app analyzes and displays your consistency onscreen using three criteria: stroke type (determined by how much the putter face rotates during the forward stroke); impact angle (the putter’s face angle at impact, relative to address); and tempo (a measure of the duration of the backswing relative to the forward swing).

The app works by computing consistency over a series of five putts where your stroke type, impact angle and tempo are measured, displayed and stored for every putt in that session. Your consistency scores are averaged over time to build a Putting Handicap (PHcp). As you improve your consistency, you’ll see your PHcp come down.

The iPING Fit feature matches you with the PING putter models that fit your stroke type. Matching your putter to your stroke type is the key to greater consistency and lower scores.”

Available: Now at www.ping.com and on iTunes
SRP: Free (App) / £24.99 (Phone cradle)

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