Here at NCG Towers we get a wide variety of products sent to us for review on a regular basis.

Whilst most review products are standard golfing products and gear, we occasionally get some weird and wonderful products that we would like to share with the golfing world.

In our first episode of this new series we look take a look at a bendy wedge, a golf ball finding torch and even some 80’s style golf ball finding glasses.

Products featured

Delayed Strike Technology – Compressor Wedge

“The scientifically curved shaft replicates the shape of a normal shaft under its maximum load during impact, the DST Compressor forces you into a position where your hands lead the club face through impact and control it until after the ball has been struck. The curved shaft combined with the amended sole angle and Hand Position Alignment Marker (HPAM) enables you to locate a set up position and practice returning the club to the same position through impact every time. The DST Compressor forces you to feel the same movements and sensations as the greatest ball strikers in history and develop a repeatable, reliable movement through impact. The DST Compressor forces you to locate, train and perfect the optimal impact position.”

Available: Now at
SRP: £74.99

Nite-Hawk Golf Torch

“The NITE-HAWK ball predator is an electronic golf gadget that enables you to find large amounts of lost golf balls. It works in low light environments, either after or before your round of golf but most of all during the cold season when its getting dark early.The NITE-HAWK emits defined short-wave light which makes normal golf balls illuminate in a miraculous way. This triggered illumination is strong enough that balls with only 1 % exposed surface can be identified.”

Available: Now at
SRP: £16.90

roll-in Bag Buddy

The Bag Buddy is one of a line of products specifically designed for and by sports professionals to solve specific needs in the competitive environment. The Bag Buddy allows for the quick and easy collection of golf balls, reducing collection times, back strains and because it cleans as it goes, it is also kinder to the environment.”

Available: Now at
SRP: £34.95

Double Duty Divot Repair Putter

“Every once in a great while a new golf product comes along that has the potential to improve a golfer’s game significantly. The Double Duty™ divot repair putter, invented by Walter Graves, is such a product. Proper golf etiquette dictates that every golfer has the responsibility to repair their own ball marks on the green. Most people find that bending over to repair ball marks in the traditional manner cumbersome at best. And for those with knee and/or back problems, ball mark repair is much more difficult.”

Available: Now at
SRP: £64.95

Golf Ball Finding Glasses

“Designed with special tinted lenses that filter out foliage and grass, the golf ball finding glasses make white golf balls appear to ‘glow’ against trees, rough and fairway. The glasses are designed to fit over most prescription eyewear for comfort.”

Available: Now at various online retailers
SRP: £6.99 – £9.99

If you’re an inventor or innovator and would like your products to feature in our future ‘Why Didn’t I Think of That’ video series, then get in touch either via various methods. Find our contact details here.

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