Dan: Does anyone understand that Eleven Sports were getting exactly the same feed that Sky would have done and can you put it in simple terms, just for next time?

Steve: Given that a lot of people also failed to understand that a) you could watch it for free, and b) all you needed to hook it up to the TV was a HDMI cable, it’s hardly surprising the coverage perplexed them. I thought Jim Nantz’s dulcet tones might have been a giveaway but, alas, no. The large CBS logo that periodically appeared was also a big hint. I’m not sure anyone could express it any more simply.

James: There has been so much moaning for moaning’s sake this week which par for the course when it comes to golf. We’re often focussing too much on the negatives rather than the positives. I found the viewing experience very easy. If anyone really wanted to watch this tournament they had no excuse not to. And Jamie Donaldson was brilliant.

Alex: I haven’t had any problems with the coverage this week – all that was missing was an Eleven Sports Smart TV app. I’m used to watching golf on the small screen due to my TV being otherwise engaged on a Sunday evening (I like to have Love Island on in the background). Every broadcaster does the fluffy feature stuff that will always divide opinion. If you don’t like it, stare at your phone. Oh, you already are…

Eleven Sports

Alex: Who ends their career with more major wins: Koepka or DJ?

Dan: DJ has suddenly got a lot of catching up to do. History tells us how difficult it is to win multiple majors and the field thins out significantly with every win. The record books are full of outstanding players who never won a major or won one or two. So few get to three, let alone beyond. The total currently stands at 28 who have won four or more – and that is in almost 160 years of major golf. Plus the signs are that it is even harder to win multiple majors in the modern era. In conclusion, Koepka.

Steve: Koepka, and that will be killing DJ since they’re such close pals. It’s all about major weeks for Brooks and he’s appears to have a killer streak in these events. DJ’s wasted so many opportunities over the years and, eventually, they start running out. It feels like there’s plenty yet to come from Koepka.

James: There’s an interesting story about when Koepka met Jack Nicklaus after winning his first US Open. Apparently Koepka wanted to pick Jack’s brains about how he went from winning one major to becoming a multiple major winner. I’m not sure DJ has that same drive. I get the impression that DJ will take more majors if they come his way but he’s not going to lose any sleep if he doesn’t win another. Koepka seems like he could go on to become a bit of a legend if he keeps going like this.