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Rory, Rickie and err... Stewart Cink?

Twitter can be a bit of a minefield. Who should you be following? Well, @NCGMagazine is a great place to start but as I’m sure you are aware, there are quite a few golfers who can’t resist the odd tweet.

Now there’s nothing worse, in our opinion, than the tour pro who informs us they they “shot 69, played nicely, just need a few more putts to drop” or “really loving my new *insert product here* from *insert company who pays me to use it here*”

There are some out there who have a good sense of humour, reply to fans and generally have something interesting to say.

Here’s 10 of the better accounts to follow.

1. Jason Duner 
Followers: 435k

It doesn’t seem like he’s got much to say for himself on the golf course but his dry sense of humour really takes to the 140 character format. Don’t expect much tweeting about golf, unless he’s poking fun at his fellow tour pros. Loves his American sports and often finds a way of making them funny and remotely interesting.


2. David Lynn
Followers: 26.5k

The Englishman has a reputation of being a bit of a practical joker on tour and you can can often find him winding up his colleagues on Twitter. Doesn’t take himself too seriously and will take time out to respond to followers. Not afraid to speak his mind on issues affecting the game.


3. Keegan Bradley
Followers: 348k

Not everyone’s cup of tea due to some bizarre on-course habits but he’s another who lets his personality come across on Twitter. Enjoys a bit of ’banter’ and gives a good ’behind the scenes’ look at life for one of the top PGA Tour pros with plenty of pictures.


4. Rory McIlroy
Followers: 2.3m

The world’s best golfer could almost be forgiven for letting someone else run his account but that’s not really Rory’s style. Loves a good major-winning selfie, likes to enjoy himself and why shouldn’t he? Always seems humble and never seems like he’s boasting about all he has achieved (well almost never). Shame about all those the Manchester United tweets…


5. Lee Westwood
Followers: 745k

I think Lee would be the first to admit he’s had a bit of a love-hate relationship with Twitter over the years. He should know better than to rise to ’trolls’ – particularly after a few shandies. But thankfully he is still as candid as ever and will still say what he thinks. What else is he supposed to do on a long haul flight?

6. Stewart Cink
Followers: 1.13m

This guy really loves his food. Think of him a bit like the Homer Simpson of Twitter – your dad will probably find him funny. Did I mention he really loves his food?


7. Ian Poulter
Followers: 1.83m

Like him or loathe him – he’s honest and can be his own worst critic. Another who can be tempted to rise to the ’trolls’ when he should just ignore them. Plenty of clothes and cars but watch out for some interesting exchanges with Tottenham Hotspur fans such as Lord Alan Sugar and Luke Donald.


8. Sergio Garcia
Followers: 331k

One of life’s good guys. Another who can be brutally honest with his performances on the golf course. We can only hope that one day he’ll be able tweet about winning a Major. An added bonus if you can speak Spanish.


9. Graeme McDowell
Followers: 656k

If you’re after some nice, simple swing tips, G-Mac could be your man. Good to see tour pros taking the time out to respond to their followers in the right way. Has his own pub and his own brand of beer…


10. Rickie Fowler
Followers: 872k

The king of the selfie. Another who takes time out to reply to fans. Likes to spend a lot of time with ’his girl’ Alexis Randock, who is a bikini model, but that is completely irrelevant.


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