Which golf club could you not live without?

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It's the one you depend on. The one you know will always give you the perfect result. Which club in your bag can you not live without? The NCG team discuss

Steve Carroll: I was wasting away an evening watching YouTube and came across a clip where a pro was trying to explain what club you should use for different situations on the course.

I’d thought this was fairly self-explanatory. Well, ever since an ill-fated attempt to copy the scene where Tin Cup goes round the back 9 with a 7-iron.

But it did get me to wondering about that key club in the bag. The one you can’t do without.

Mine might surprise you. It’s not a fancy driver, or a snazzy wedge. It’s a bog standard 4-iron.

You can hit it off the tee. It’s great off the deck. You can use it on tight par 4s when you need a bit of accuracy. You can wield it on long par 3s when a short iron won’t get you on the dance floor.

I went without one for a while. It was a lonely time.

Alex Perry: I’m going to declare my love for my Ping G400 3-wood.

Best fairway woods 2018

As I pull her gently from my bag and slide her head cover off as not to hurt her, I gaze longingly into her face and whisper: “You know what do to do, darling.”

Whether it’s off the tee or off the deck, I just know how to hit this club. I don’t know what it is, we just have a connection. She’s The One.

Sure, sometimes she’ll let me down, but one thing I’ve learned is to wait until we get home to argue about it…

Steve Carroll: Have you been watching 50 Shades of Grey?

Alex Perry: She certainly knows how to spank it … 230 yards down the middle.



James Savage: I’ve got a lot of time for my new 50-degree gap wedge.

I changed models recently from a blade to something a bit larger to give me more confidence on full shots.

It’s great for any shot between 10 and 110 yards – It’s basically my third shot club so very important to make sure I at least have a putt for par.

Christian Maiden: Definitely my 58-degree lob wedge. There’s nothing better than always believing I can pull off the Phil Mickelson of lobs – even with a success rate of 18 per cent per round – though that’s probably being very generous.

I won’t stop trying, though, even if it costs me an extra 8 shots a round. That club gives me a bit more than a tingle just in my arm!

Tom Lenton: My 3-wood. If the driver isn’t quite on song it’s my go to club and always puts me in play – 250 yards straight down the middle.

James Savage: “Always”…

Jordan Elliott: It would have to be my putter. Not because it sends a tingle through my arms when I get it out of the bag, but because it’s the club I use most in a round!

Mark Townsend: My Odyssey X-Act Tank Chipper. It might be the arrival of a daughter but it’s more likely the arrival of this club in the bag that has made me a lot happier.

Odyssey Chipper

I don’t think I could live without it (the club) now and am already slightly panicky about the prospect of it going walkabout or lost.

Now, when faced with a shot of 15 yards, I can pretty much guarantee that I will hit the green.

Georgina Simpson: My trusty putter. There’s nothing better than walking off the green after holing a decent length putt for birdie or holing a difficult par putt to keep you in the game.

As a player I love the fighting par and the challenge being out of position brings.

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