What is the Presidents Cup?

The Presidents cup is a series of golf matches played every two years between the USA and an International team. Each team has a captain who is selected the previous year, the captain for the USA team is Tiger Woods, and the captain for the international team is Ernie Els.

The Format

Like the Ryder Cup the Presidents Cup has fourball, foursomes, and singles matches, all of which are matchplay format.

However there are a few small differences. Firstly the event is held over four days and not three. On day one there are five foursomes matches, followed by, on day 2, five fourball matches. Day three sees the teams battle it out in four foursomes matches in the morning and then four fourball matches in the afternoon. The fourth and final day sees all 12 players in both teams play 12 singles matches.

How is a winner decided?

With 30 matches being played there is a total of 30 points available, 15.5 points are needed by one of the teams to win the Presidents Cup. If there is a tie then the cup is shared between the two teams. The current holders are the USA who won by 19 points to 11 points in 2017 at Liberty National Golf Club in America.

Did you know…

The event was created by the PGA Tour in 1994 where the USA beat the international team by 20 points to 12 points.

Each contest has an honorary chairman for each contest, the latest being Donald Trump the President of the United States of America in 2017.

There is no prize money to be won by the players or the captains, as all the prize money goes to charity.

Where is the 2019 Presidents Cup?

The 2019 Presidents cup will be played at Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Victoria.

It will be the 13th edition of the competition, and the third time that Royal Melbourne golf club has hosted the event, previously in 1998 and more recently in 2011.

The 1998 Presidents Cup at Royal Melbourne was the scene of the International teams only victory over the US team during the existence of the Presidents Cup. It was a comprehensive victory for the internationals 20 points to 11 points.

When the Cup went back to Royal Melbourne in 2011, the US team were victorious 15 points to 11 points.

When is the 2019 Presidents Cup?

The 2019 Presidents Cup will be played between Thursday 8 and Sunday 11 December 2019.