Anyone who has spent what seems like ages looking for a ball in the rough will tell you what a frustrating sport golf is. Thankfully, it’s much more enjoyable to bet on particularly when your selection holes a long putt to win the tournament.

Online bookmakers offer plenty of odds on golf tournaments all around the world. Not just the ones that you sit watching on television wishing you could hit a tee shot as well as Phil Mickleson. The sport is extremely popular with their customers and there are several reasons for this being the case.

High Odds

One attraction of golf betting is the high odds that are on offer especially before a tournament begins. Only in competitions such as the Ryder Cup is there the possibility of a pre-tournament odds-on favourite. For the major tournaments it’s often 7/1 the field and ante-post betting for the Open currently sees the favourite at 10/1.

That means there are some big wins to be had if you can get the winner. There’s also the opportunity to get some good each-way wins. That’s even more likely when one of the four Majors takes place each year. Bookies will be keen to get as much custom as they possibly can and will pay out on additional places.

Free Bets

When a major tournament such as the Open or the Ryder Cup comes along, online bookmakers know that there is the chance to get some new customers. To do so they will introduce new welcome offers to entice people to join their site.

This can come in several forms. For example, the best free bets on a golf tournament can be attached to an existing welcome offer. Then there are enhanced odds offered on selected players and the offer of a refund if certain players win the tournament. All are aimed at bringing new customers onto their site but make sure you read the full terms and conditions of all offers.

Large Number of Betting Opportunities

Recent years has seen a large increase in the number of markets available for customers to place bets on. Long gone are the days when you just placed a bet on who you think will win a golf tournament.

Now you can bet on everything from the top player from a particular country to the first-round leader to odds on who might miss the cut. There’s group betting and match betting between selected players.

In-play betting has changed the way in which we gamble. There’s plenty available on golf with the odds offered changing all the time. There’s also the opportunity to place bets on the score players will get on the next hole.


You can see therefore that golf is an exciting sport to bet on. Hoping and praying that putt goes in or your selection doesn’t hit the ball into a bunker keeps your interest intact. Tournaments last four days so if your selection is in contention you certainly get a run for your money.