What he said: All the quotes from Friday at the Open

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We round up all the best player quotes from round two of the 2014 Open Championship at Hoylake


Jim Furyk (on playing with Tom Watson who made the cut)

“It was pretty special playing with Tom, as well, and the reception he got. And to watch him grind it out and make a birdie on the way in and make the cut was pretty cool. I was pulling for him pretty hard on 18. And he hit a lot of good shots down the stretch. He played 16 and 17 and 18 beautifully and 15, as well.

“I just thought it was fun to walk up to some of the tees and the ovation that he got and watching the fans’ interaction with him. Every time he made a birdie, he’d kind of fist pump and look at the crowd. It was a pretty cool experience.”

George Coetzee (Fired a 69 to get to -5…on his birthday)
“It’s nice to play well, obviously, in a very prestigious event. And to have my birthday coincide with it is also nice.

“But it was quite a good feeling to look at my name and be at the top of the leaderboard. Yeah, obviously 6-under was a hell of a score yesterday. And I didn’t think it was doable today to get to that number, but, yeah, when I made birdie on, what was it, the par 3, 13. Yeah, when I made birdie on 13, I was like, well, all right, now I’m pretty close. I think I’m the top 10, and then the next one and the next one and realized quite quickly.

“You obviously know you’re in contention, and your score shouldn’t affect the way you play. But obviously maybe a little bit of nerves on the second putt. But I’m not too disappointed, those things kind of happen when you’re leading and when you’re missing a cut.

Robert Karlson (on his double at the 5th, at -4 after a 71)
“I almost missed my tee shot and had a horrific lie. When I stood by the ball, I couldn’t actually see where it was. I put down my wedge and was like “oof”. I was pretty happy to get it out. On the end of the day, that happens on links golf. You’re going to have your bad breaks and your good ones. It happens.”

Adam Scott (on the difficulty of putting in the wind)
“The pace of the greens is tricky because uphill into the wind are the slowest winds we’ll ever putt on. And downhill, downwind you have to adjust. It’s all about adjusting. 

“Everything is hard out there. Every shot is so crucial and it can all get away from you, even putts. The wind is affecting the break of a putt. And if you misjudge that, you can three-putt from nowhere, if you’re not careful.”

Edoardo Molinari (on his sibling rivalry with Francesco)
“We are very close to each other. And we’re generally very happy when the other brother plays well. So the more birdies, he makes the better I feel, as well.

“If you’re both in contention Sunday afternoon, going down the back nine, maybe it changes a little bit, especially in such a big event. But it happened a couple of times before and we’re still very close to each other. So nothing will change regardless.

“He was the first one to come out on Tour. And he’s always been a little bit better than me, to be honest. So I’m not really making a big thing about it.”

Justin Rose (Picked up a birdie at the last to finish -2)
“I was pleased with that. It was difficult out there today, and that was probably just good enough to keep me right in it. 

“I had a couple of nice strokes around the turn. Chipped in at 9 and 10, which felt like I got my championship going. 

“And I felt from that point I could probably pick up a couple more, but the course definitely proved to be difficult. Even the downwind holes it was hard to get the ball close to the hole, as it often is. Picking one up at the last there was a nice way to finish.”

Phil Mickelson (Finished with a birdie to get to level par)
“I’m striking it so good. And if I putt the way I putted the last nine holes for the weekend, I’m going to have a good chance.

“I’m more accepting of the fact that I’m on the poor end of the tee times. And I’ve also been on the good end of the tee times. And you accept that as part of the tournament. And rather than let that get to you — the tendency is this, I see the scores, 7- , 8-under par is probably going to be leading or so. And I have to force birdies. 

“But the conditions I had didn’t allow for it. And I have to play as well as I can with the conditions that I’m in. If even par is the best I can do, that’s all I can do. Now I might be seven or eight back, but I can’t control that. If I try to force it, I’m missing the cut.”

Martin Kaymer (Fought his way to a level par 70)
“It’s not that easy, even though it didn’t rain. It’s just difficult to play. Even the holes downwind. On 17 I think my drive was 350 meters, and then you have 50 yards to a firm green downwind. 

“Even the downwind holes they are very difficult to make birdie. Obviously I prefer downwind, but it’s still tough to shoot a very low score.

“I hope I make birdies every day. I can’t take care of the weather. I don’t hope for any weather. I just take it the way it is. That is what The Open is about.

I like that way of golf, you know, when you don’t make too many birdies. When you feel happy with a par. I like that way of golf, and that’s why when we play on the European Tour. Sometimes you have to shoot 20, 22-under par, or even on the PGA Tour sometimes, to win a golf tournament. And I prefer when it’s very difficult. And that is what The Open is about. It’s about grinding it out and being happy when you make a par.”

Jason Day (Suffered with a wrist problem on his way to a 73)
“I took a practice swing on 5 and something popped in my left side and it was like kind of a tingling sensation through my hand, and it went straight up to my elbow. And kind of bugged me for the rest of the day. 

“I went to see the guys in the Tour van, and they helped me out last night. I was asking about anti-inflammatories, as well. But it’s not like the other injuries I’ve had. I’ve had wrist injuries before. And it just didn’t feel like it was – like it was a harm to me. So I just wanted to get through the round and see the guys, see how it went. And today it was only one shot where it felt bad.”

Bryden MacPherson (Was 10 shots better than his opening 90)
“Well, today was better. I actually hit the ball in play today. I actually missed a few putts early, which was an interesting one.  I actually hit the ball, well, enough to be scoring half decent, and through the back nine, as well. I played solid golf on the back nine. 

“It was just getting on the golf course. It was hitting a good play. Yesterday my short game was actually really good. I made some nice chips and holed some nice putts and scored pretty well for how I hit it, which is a little scary.

“I enjoyed every moment of it, as much as you could. You go out there and you try and take in the experience for what it is, instead of what you want it to be.”


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