They're versatile, easy to hit and really forgiving. But what are hybrid golf clubs and most importantly, which are the best ones on the market?

Odds are you’ve probably heard of hybrid golf clubs, but you might not have tried them before. So what are hybrid golf clubs, will they benefit your game and which are the best ones on the market?

The very first hybrid was introduced by Cobra back in 1998, which – as it is today – was designed to help players who struggle with irons.

Low irons in particular can be challenging for mid to high handicap golfers to hit well, which is when hybrids become most beneficial.

The really took off on the PGA Tour in 2009, when Y.E. Yang struck a 3-hybrid, sinking the winning shot at Hazeltine to beat Tiger Woods by a single shot. Soon after hybrids became a golf standard.

What are the benefits of hybrids?

If you’re considering trying a hybrid for the first time, here are some of their advantages that may help your game:

  • Easier to hit than low irons and fairway woods
  • Higher launch trajectory
  • Better for hitting from the rough
  • Increase confidence

But there are also some downsides…

The most notable disadvantage of switching to a hybrid is that you’ll have to alter your swing. It’s not quite like hitting an iron and not quite like hitting a fairway wood. The swing for hitting a great hybrid shot will be somewhere in the middle.

  • Won’t improve everybody’s game
  • Better for high handicappers and novices than pros
  • Less control and feel
  • Needs a different swing

So now you know what hybrid golf clubs are, hit the button below to find our favourite golf hybrids on the market this year!

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