West Midlands: Studio brings new life to 100-year-old club

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Improvements at Alton have helped to stave off fear of closure.

Members at Alton know that five years ago, their club was on the brink of administration.

After 100 years of golf being played on the site, the club was in real danger of closing.

However, the club rallied and at an extraordinary general meeting recently, members voted to build a state of the art golf studio, which will be operated by Golf Principles.

Alton president Roger Chapman said: “This move will enable Golf Principles clients to enjoy our historic golf club when they visit, while vastly improving the facilities for golfers, regardless of age or ability.

“This will provide our club with resources and a platform to offer the community help to enjoy the game that we all love, plus attract new players and members to the club.”

The studio is expected to be complete by the summer and it is hoped the club will become a destination for customers from all over Europe.

‘This will vastly improve facilities for golfers’
Under the watchful eye of PGA professional Ben Cummings, there are also plans to establish a world class short range coaching environment with a covered area and floor instruction.

Golf Principles have more than 20 years’ experience and offer custom-fitting golf clubs.

Founder Jason MacNiven said: “We are extremely pleased with the decision of the members. We have had opportunities to move our business to other clubs before, but it has never felt right. At Alton we feel we can be part of the local community, getting more people to enjoy golf with a state of the art studio.”

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