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We interview 16-year-old José Luis Gutiérrez who plays the young Seve Ballasteros in the movie, Seve.

How did you come about getting the role as Seve?

I went to the casting encouraged by the Golf Federation of Cantabria and I signed up with a friend. We basically wanted to just have fun, because we considered the probability of being selected almost impossible. We had to do an interpretation casting, send a video playing golf, and attend to an interview with the director and the producer of the film. To my surprise, I was picked up.

How much did you know about Seve before you were asked to play the role?

Since I started playing golf when I was five years old, Seve has always been my idol, for being one of the best golf players in history, for the magic of his shots and for being from Pedreña, located only 5km away from Santander, where I was born and where I live nowadays. And his biography was also given to me, as a gift from my parents, some years ago.


How hard was it to get inside the mindset of someone like Seve?

It was easy for me because he is my role model, the master that I tried to be like. But also it was very difficult because he was such an unique player, who showed great effort, sacrifice, hard work and an astonishing ability to never give up.


How did you prepare for the role?

I read books and articles about his life, I had heard players and neighbours from Pedreña talking about him. Also, during the filming, the advice from the director John Paul Davidson was a really useful help for me.

What is your standout memory from making the movie?

The memories I keep from the whole filming are fantastic, and, for me, the most moving scene is the one in which I jump over the wall of the Real Golf of Pedreña at night  to be able to play golf without being seen by the guards of the golf course.

Did you enjoy playing Seve?

I had a great time and it has been an unforgettable experience, enormously enriching. The atmosphere was amazing and the help from the other actors, director, producers and team made everything really easy for me.

What is your own golf like?

My handicap is three. I am quite confident with the putt and the short game. My worst skill is the driver.

What have you learned about Seve from playing him in the movie?

The importance of effort, sacrifice and tenacity to see your dreams come true.

Why should golf fans in the UK go and see the movie?

Everyone who likes golf should see this film in order to know more about the life of one of the legends of this sport. But also the ones who don´t follow it should watch it because it is always interesting to learn about the childhood of the great geniuses because it gives us the keys of their success, and we can always learn from it. Above all, I think it is a beautiful story that can attract the spectator.

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