A new gallery has opened in California to celebrate the work of master craftsman Scotty Cameron.

Cameron has been creating some of the world’s finest putters for decades through his work with leading tour professionals; and now there is somewhere for all golfers to experience the art of putting and go through the same fitting process as leading Titleist Brand Ambassadors. 

Located close to Cameron’s famed Studio in California, the gallery showcases an ever-changing array of rare Scotty Cameron tour putters and unique creations, alongside the tour-standard fitting studio, utilising the same methodology and technology to help golfers identify the best putter for their game.
We have things here that you won’t see any place else in the world" “Opening the Scotty Cameron Gallery is something I’ve dreamed about for a long time. I’ve always wanted to have a place open to the public where I can share the things that I have created and love,” said Cameron, whose putters have been the choice of more players on the PGA Tour since 1997 and counting.

The gallery, located in the quaint beach town of Encinitas, is described by Cameron as, “a place where golfers can come to understand what is happening between the ball, the putter and the player – and how we get those three things to work in harmony.”

Building on the success of Scotty Cameron putter fitting studios in Korea and Japan, the gallery is home to Cameron’s first public putter fitting studio in the United States.

“We have things here that you won’t see any place else in the world,” Cameron said. 

“When people come into the Gallery, we want them to feel the craftsmanship, the vibe, the experience. This is a place where you come to get fit and learn about your putting stroke, but also to get something that there is only one of in the world.”