It’s been a busy few weeks and thankfully I have had the opportunity to play plenty of golf!

One danger of spending too much time out on the course is neglecting your practise and that is definitely something which I allowed to happen last year.

So it was time to have a catch up with Scott Oxley at J Whitaker Golf and see which areas of the game need some work.

In the past few weeks I played in the Pro-Am ahead of the washed-out Madeira Islands Open, had a round at the wonderful Notts Golf Club (Hollinwell) and have played a couple of times at Moor Allerton.

I’m very pleased to report that the strongest part of my game on each occasion was my driving.

As you will remember, this has long been the Achilles heel of my golf game and was the main area I wanted to improve.

Although there is still plenty of room for improvement, my bad drives are not too bad and each time I play I’m hitting a decent number of fairways.
I want to be confident at going for the green in two even on a long par 4″ When I think back on how I managed to to make this improvement, it was because I worked on it more than anything else in both my lessons with Scott and my time at the driving range.

The hard work and expert guidance from my coach has paid off.

So after hitting the ball better off the tee, I now want to try and capitalise a bit more.

I’ll still get a shot on most holes but when faced with a 190-210 yard second shot, I want to be confident at going for the green rather than taking a 7-iron and then chipping on for three.

Hitting fairway woods off the deck is not something I’ve ever been bothered about until now. I use my 21 degree 3 hybrid quite regularly with varying degrees of consistency.

The reason for my lack of consistency is I am never quite sure on the best way to set up and how I should be attempting to strike it.

Should I be hitting down or trying to sweep the ball away?

Either way, I have realised that if I want to improve my fairway wood and hybrid play, I will have to put the same level of effort and practise in as I did with my driver.

Click on the video to see how I got on…