With the winter pretty much upon us I’ve decided now is the perfect time to really try and improve my game.

As a relative newcomer to playing golf seriously, I’m desperate to improve as much as I can and achieve a respectable handicap.

As much as anything, it’s a requirement of my job to be a competent golfer.

At the start of the summer, I put in three scorecards from my home course at Moor Allerton and was given a handicap of 23. Since then I have played a great deal – probably too much – but feel I have improved a fair bit since then.

But over the last few months I have no doubt ingrained a few bad habits and I’m hoping some pointers from Scott Oxley, head teaching pro at Moor Allerton, will sort me out.

My main fear going into lesson one was being told I’m doing everything wrong and need to start from scratch.

Click on the video to see how the first session went and stay tuned for the rest of the video series.

Wish me luck…