Victor Dubuisson tips

You will have heard lots of talk about the ‘scoring zone’ and it’s not a myth – improving your work in this area really is the quickest way to lower scores.

Most Tour players will spend more time on the short games than the long game, and that starts with shots from under 100 yards. We expect to get it close enough to have a genuinely makeable putt – anything outside that range is a bad shot. Here are some quick tips to help you hit it closer with your wedge. Victor Dubuisson


I like the ball just inside my left heel with the shaft perpendicular to the ground. I don’t like my hands pushed forward as some people suggest – it takes loft off the face and encourages a steeper ascent into the ball. Finally, turning your left foot out a little aids a smooth move through impact.


This shot is all about control, not power. We want to produce a swing in balance and with good tempo. So I like to take the club back not much further than three-quarters and from there make a positive move through impact.

Victor Dubuisson


Following the point above, select your wedge dependent on the yardage you face. Don’t just reach for your ‘favourite’ wedge and try to hit it harder if you need to cover 10 more yards than you hit it – it’ll only go higher and spin more.