Vice golf balls have caused us to sit up and take note as the German company say they have been able to cut out the middlemen in offering golfers a premium product at a reasonable price.

How can they do this? Well Vice say by selling their balls online and shipping them directly to the consumer they avoid any other costs that could normal put the price up.

Vice say that orders are taken over the internet and the balls are shipped, directly from the manufacturer, to the consumer’s front door.

There’s actually four Vice golf balls in the range each with different performance characteristics.

And Vice are confident their are of the highest quality –  good enough for Tour players – and are comparable in performance to other premium balls on the market.

They also offer stylish personalisation options as well as the products coming in very cool packaging.

As well as testing out the Vice golf balls we also tested out a few samples from their wide-range of golf accessories which includes towels, gloves, caps and umbrellas.

Vice golf balls

Vice golf balls – First impressions

As I said the packaging is very cool. The boxes look more like aftershave packaging and have a very premium feel.

The cover on the balls also has a soft premium feel with a fairly chunky printed line for those who like to put by using a line on the ball.

Vice golf balls

The dimple patterns vary from ball to ball which is part of some of the technology we’ll get into next.

We tested samples of the Pro, Pro+, Tour and Drive balls. We also had some of the Pro Neon Vice Golf balls which are ideal for winter golf – or those who have a habit of losing track of their balls…

Vice golf balls – The technology

The Pro is a three-piece ball with a cast Urethane cover for a gentle and responsive feel.

The 318 large dimple design aims to offer a stable trajectory in a ball suited to players with medium to high club head speed.

The Pro+ is a four-piece ball that offers a lower flight and a bit more durability.

Vice golf balls

The 336 dimple design offers lower spin as well as a lower flight.

Players of all abilities should get on with the Tour ball which has a 392 aerodynamic dimple design for more stability.

This three-piece ball is a good all-rounder offering distance, a stable flight and decent greenside control.

Those with slower swings may benefit more from the two-piece Drive ball which aims to offer a bit more carry and roll.

Vice golf balls – NCG verdict

There aren’t many ball manufacturers out there who aren’t part of bigger hardware companies so it’s a difficult nut to crack for people entering the market.

Golfers will often lean towards the brands that they know and have used previously.

But golfers who want to play a premium golf ball don’t want to break the bank every time they need to buy a fresh dozen.

There’s lots to like about what Vice are doing here.

They are adding a bit of style and attitude with their products and have created a very recognisable identity for themselves.

Vice golf balls

I’m sure it will resonate with a younger market.

But the balls themselves are very impressive. They look and feel premium. It was very difficult to pick out anything negative about all the balls we tested.

The Drive balls didn’t feel quite as soft as the Pro and Tour balls when chipping around the greens but there were no issues at all with the flight and feel from tee to green.

We feel balls need to be tested over a longer period of time to really get a feel for their performance characteristics but the initially signs are very positive.

Give them a try for yourselves and send us your own feedback.


Pro – £34.87 per dozen including shipping
Pro+ – £34.87 per dozen including shipping
Tour – £24.07 per dozen including shipping
Drive – £18.07 per dozen including shipping

For more information about vice golf balls CLICK HERE

James Savage

Former equipment editor of NCG. Inconsistent ball-striker and tea-maker.

Handicap: 17

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