Jamie Donaldson began his career coaching all aspects of golf. After 15 years as a coach he decided to train to be Europe’s first AimPoint putting coach.

He has since gone on to teach AimPoint on a one to one basis with tour professionals that include Adam Scott. Here he explains how to use the AimPoint method effectively.

Use Weight Distribution to Gauge Slope

Make sure you trust your sense as you survey the green. To start the process, stand directly behind the ball with your feet comfortably positioned and get a sense of which foot carries the most weight.

Grade the slope

AimPoint Jamie Donaldson

The next step is to grade the level of the slope. Most golfers who use AimPoint run a scale of one to six (one being the least and six being the most severe).

Repeat the process

AimPoint step two

Walk along the line of the putt and repeat the last two processes. Walk around halfway to the hole, stand as before and get a feel for the slope through your feet.

Remember, your eyes alone can deceive you. How often have you looked at a putt you thought was dead straight only to see the ball deviate off line? Using your feet will help you to determine even the most subtle of slopes.