Zach Johnson

On the USGA’s influence

I would describe the whole golf course as manipulated.
It just enhances my disdain for the USGA and how it manipulates golf courses.
I think Merion is a great golf course, if you let Merion be, but that is not the agenda.

Lee Westwood

On the rough

There’s no semi rough this week.  It’s just strange really, because there’s some undulation on the fairways.

On the wicker baskets

Peter Dawson has reassured me that for the Open Championship we’ll be going back to flags like a normal tournament.

Luke Donald

On the delays

It’s a little bit more planning and thinking in your head, how much time you have. Because you have to leave yourself a good 20, 30 minutes shuttle ride, so the time you get to the tee it could be 45 minutes before you last hit a shot on the range.
So in that way it’s a little bit more demanding, but certainly this year’s been fraught with a lot of rain delays, so we have been pretty used to it.

Adam Scott

On the rough

Most years at the U.S. Open it’s like this. It’s nothing different. But it’s thick and it’s right next to the fairway. I think we got a bit comfortable with that graduated rough the last few years.