'When Titleist bring out something new, I know it's better'

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Justin Thomas put the Titleist TS3 into play as soon as he could. Equipment editor James Savage went behind the scenes with the PGA Tour star and his Titleist fitter for a fascinating insight

Once you’ve been fitted into a driver, Justin, are you much of a tinkerer or will you stay with it?

JT: I am not much of a tinkerer at all. I have a great relationship with the Titleist guys on tour and once we get dialled in I usually stick with what we’ve landed on.

I think the last time I switched my SureFit driver setting was at Phoenix (February 2018). I went from B-1 to A-1 and haven’t touched it since.

What does a good driver ball flight look like to you?

TS3 driver

JT: My go-to ball flight is normally a high cut with a driver. The great thing about the TS3 driver and Pro V1x golf ball combination though is that I am able to work it right or left when necessary.

Some of the drills we work on in practice, are calling out specific shots, yardages and hole locations that I will be see in competition.

That type of repetition gives me confidence to know I can hit the shot I need or want under the gun in competition.

What is it like fitting someone like JT into a new driver?

LM: I always say it’s easier to fit out here than it is to fit consumers because guys at JT’s level are very finely tuned.

Their miss is very slight and it’s consistent.

TS3 driver

To fine-tune them with length and lie angle and CG placement – I can get that precisely to the point where they need it.

But at retail level you’re looking at a much wider scope – which side of the golf club to they miss it on?

With a tour player it’s all much more precise.

I use a white paint pen when I’m fitting and I can get a precise impact location from that.

TS3 driver

And the Trackman numbers were giving JT what he was looking for. A touch more speed, touch more launch and a reduction in spin. And he really liked the sound.

How much confidence does it add to the rest of your game when you are driving the ball well?

JT: If I’m driving the ball well it just gives me the opportunity to be aggressive with the other parts of my game.

As everybody knows at any level, it is easier to play from the fairway. When that happens, I have the confidence in my short game and even long irons and fairway metal that I can go flag hunting for birdies or eagles depending on the situation.


Will we see non-contracted players looking at the TS drivers?

LM: We’ve had a lot of non-contracted guys asking to test the drivers out.

We need to manage that carefully from our point of view as we need to manage our time carefully to decide which guys we will allow to test it and which we won’t.

The guys talk to each other a lot put here, they travel with each other, they’re are sharing locker rooms – if something is good then the guys will talk about it and others around them will listen in.

People don’t like to feel like they might be missing out on something.

Justin Thomas Ryder Cup

As soon as they hear something is good, they are all over it.

There’s now a wider spread of guys out here that are choosing the best performing products for their game rather than just being paid to use something.

It will be interesting to see over the coming months towards the end of this season and the start of next season where the split of products lies.

We’re pretty confident, we believe in out products and we think the usage of our products globally will continue to be vast right through the bag and we’re very proud of that.

More information about the TS drivers can be found on the Titleist website.

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