NCG takes on the tricky lie challenge

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James Savage is joined by two NCG colleagues to put their short game skills to the test with three devilish up and down efforts. How did they get on?

From all three positions, Mark was using the Callaway Sure Out wedge – which is a bit like cheating really – and it was evident from the sand that it was going to work massively in his favour.

Callaway Sure Out wedge

From position two, it was very close between Mark and James but Mark’s cheating Callaway Sure Out wedge got the ball closest to the hole. Christian stubbed his ball off the green, clearly unsettled by taking the largest practice swing anyone has every seen for a chip shot.

up and down challenge

In the thick stuff for the final shot we all safely found the green but Mark’s cheating Callaway Sure Out wedge gets the ball closest to the hole. Again.

Up and down challenge: NCG verdict

Having the right equipment clearly does help.

More information about the Sure Out wedges can be found on the Callaway website.

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