We assembled five tour players, with 84 Open Championship appearances between them, to discuss what should be done with the golf ball

Whether it is course set-ups, the driver, the ball, or the players themselves a very common refrain from one week to the next is that the game is getting (or is already) out of control. The hottest topic is perhaps the golf ball.

We sat down with five members of the Staysure Tour – Sandy Lyle, Gary Evans, Des Smyth, Jamie Spence and Gary Wolstenholme – to get their thoughts on whether it is finally time that a tournament ball was put into play.

Away from the riches of the modern game these players were the lucky ones in that they got to play the very best courses at the peak of their powers while having to use all 14 clubs in the bag. Theirs was a very different game to the modern one of today and there was more shotmaking and wonky driving.

Back in the ’80s the very longest driver would be able to send it out there at around 275 yards, these days that would sit right at the bottom of the driving distance stats.

So is it time that, in terms of the ball, there was one rule for the pros and another for the rest of us?

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